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  • Community Mental Health Assessment

    Mental Health Assessment Paper: Dorothea Dixx Psychiatric Center Theresa L. Butler Husson University Community Mental Health Assessment Paper Dorothea Dixx Psychiatric Center Dorothea Dixx Psychiatric Center (DDPC), also previously known as Bangor Mental Health is located in Bangor Maine and is just one of the two State psychiatric hospitals under the Maine State Department of Health and Human Services. Dorothea Dixx is a 51-bed facility that serves almost two-thirds of the state 's geographic area with referral bases that are statewide and includes prisons, emergency rooms, other psychiatric facilities and group homes. This facility devotes its services to those with severe mental illness. The functional capacity…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay On Crime And Gun Violence

    A Simple Plan There is a great tragedy present in this country that is impeding our common desire of a world without conflict. This great obstacle to peace is something that the average citizen has to regrettably endure every day; this problem I refer to is violent, deplorable, crime. Every day, natives of this great land are plagued by fear for themselves, their property, and their families. This dread inflicts a mental and emotional toll on these innocent inhabitants, affecting their…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Psychopathology

    Being a mental health professional in the 21st century, caring for the mentally infirm, the emotionally damaged, and the spiritually afflicted from a Christian perspective can be a daunting endeavor to say the least. This is, in no small part, due to how Western civilization has come to recognize pathology, specifically psychopathology. When the word itself is broken down and viewed from its Greek origin we learn that psyche means soul, pathos means suffering, and logos means the study of.…

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  • Depression In The House On Mango Street

    As first lady Michelle Obama said, “Women in particular need to keep an eye on their physical and mental health, because if we're scurrying to and from appointments and errands, we don't have a lot of time to take care of ourselves. We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own 'to do' list”. Women are especially vulnerable to mental health issues such as depression, and even moreso if they have certain socioeconomic factors such as low income and racial background.In Sandra…

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  • Chemical Dependency Counseling: A Case Study

    they are dangerous to self or others; and an evaluation of cognitive functioning including learning impairments that may influence treatment. This assessment will be a signal to staff about problem that may need more treatment. To test the severity of the depression there is the psychological instrument, a popular one is Hamilton Depression Rating. Hamilton depression rating is a simple 21 questionnaire in which the patient, who is already diagnosed as depressed. The scale is not designed to…

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  • Mental Disorders Case Study

    Please provide a description of the mental health assessment measures (e.g., Level 1 Cross-Cutting Symptom Measure, Beck Depression Inventory, SASSI, WHODAS) and other diagnostic assessments or past treatment history used to support your diagnosis. Describe your complete process for developing the differential/dimensional diagnoses. During the initial session the client was given the Patient Health Questionnaire, Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale, Quality of Life Scale (QOL) , Sleep Scale, Childhood…

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  • Cultural Universality Vs. Psychological Effects Of War On Children

    Maintaining Privacy-Mental health professionals have an essential commitment and take sensible precautionary measures to secure information. Understanding these measures are directed by law and provided by institutional principles. Providing limited information without details is critical in maintaining confidentiality. The only way a mental health professional can provide information is “for appropriate scientific or professional purposes and only with persons clearly concerned with such…

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  • Self Esteem And Self Perception

    qualities as a result of having high self-esteem. While low self-esteem is rather closely related to mental illness. The physical self is a crucial element in the development of self-esteem. A culture that places value on certain physical features and characteristics, self-esteem is attached to physical appearance and encourages people to live up to these standard to acquire the self-esteem they desire. Thus, self esteem is influenced by perception of physical self-worth and physical…

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  • Advancement In Technology

    Being a therapist or psychologist, you have to be with a person and talk to them. A computer is unable to do that. I am sure that our future technology could diagnose them with a mental illness, but they won’t be able to help them through their problems and give them advice (Top 10 Careers For The Future). While technology is improving everyday, it could possibly help with my patients. It could help with diagnosing the patients. For example, it could give more information about a mental illness…

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  • The Importance Of Self-Esteem

    self-acceptance. There is also a group evaluation portion that allows the participants to verbalize their feelings about the counseling and make recommendations for strengthening the program. There is no mandated time frame on the duration of the counseling; this is at the facilitator’s discretion. Because this curriculum is designed for small group counseling it creates and intimate and safe setting for the girls to be able to share openly. The fact that the curriculum is more activity based…

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