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  • Short Story: Rock Springs, By Richard Ford

    With the Mercedes, a luxury car, Earl seems wealthy to himself. Earl “never had a good car in [his] life,” adding that they were, “old Chevy junkers and used trucks,”. With the image of old, used cars, the audience is keyed onto Earl’s life of poverty. Yet the Mercedes is the first car mentioned by Earl, and is the only one with any sorts of emotional connection. Due to the reputation of Mercedes as a luxury car, Earl gives off the impression of wealth, which is far from the truth. He uses the Mercedes as a temporary escape from his surroundings that reveal his true socioeconomic status. His fantasy makes him so happy that he goes onto say, “The car made us all high that day. I ran the windows up and down,”. Earl is enthralled by the Mercedes, and with the first person narration, Ford conveys the enjoyment Earl feels to the audience. Earl’s childish side shows through, when he “ran the windows up and down,”. The image of playing with a car window harkens back to an image of childhood innocence, where…

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  • Hannah Hollis Persuasive Speech

    A Texas school district has reversed its decision to deny a grieving family a yearbook memorial page for their daughter, who killed herself last week. Hannah Rose Hollis, a 17-year-old senior at Pearland High School, had recently celebrated her acceptance into Texas A&M University, where she would follow in her older sisters’ footsteps in the fall. The celebration turned to heartbreak for her family and friends on March 19, when Hollis committed suicide. “If she would’ve just known how much we…

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  • Homosexuality In Annie Proulx's 'Brokeback Mountain'

    Homosexuality has been an overly heated debate since the beginning, and it still is in some parts of the world. Society believes that a man and a woman are predestined for each other. that a correct union can only be between a man and a woman. These societal norms leave those who do not fall into the category confused and lonely. Consequently, they hide their true self and take on a double role. Similarly, Annie Proulx suggests the challenges men, who fail to abide by societal norms, face about…

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  • Perseverance In Penelope And The Suitors By Dorothy Parker

    Perseverance instills itself into individuals during stressful times. There are several references in the poem to Penelope’s perseverance both in her faithfulness to Odysseus and her performance of the duties of a traditional housewife over the twenty years her husband was away. The painting is a visually representation of this perseverance by showing Penelope intently concentrating on weaving the shroud while her suitors try and persuade her with music and gifts. The themes of perseverance,…

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  • Analysis Of Marlowe's Hero And Leander

    In composing Hero and Leander, Marlowe primarily used Musaeus Grammaticus’s version of the myth, as well as “epistles XVIII and XIX of [Ovid’s] Heroides” as his source material (Keach 86). Like Shakespeare, Marlowe reimagines this classical narrative about love and desire by infusing it with more aggression and sexual conflict. However, the most notable difference is that Marlowe’s poem does not end with the death or “blood” of the titular lovers foreshadowed in the opening (I. 1), as Marlowe…

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  • Henry Drummond Inherit The Wind

    “I don’t believe we were put here with all our differences to conform to a uniform state of mind” (Teclai). Standing up for one’s beliefs is a conflict in Jerome Lawrence and Robert Lee’s Inherit the Wind. In Inherit the Wind Bertram Cates must go against the Bible-loving citizens of Hillsboro, and dares to teach the Theory of Evolution. Cates is put on trial for his actions and the famous Henry Drummond must defend Cates and the right to thought. Henry Drummond’s fairness, empathy, and wisdom…

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  • Narrative Essay: Urban Scenarios

    On Saturday 04/15/17 at 2258 hours I was dispatched to a residential burglary in progress at 12924 SE 301st ST in the City of Auburn, King Co, WA. Dispatch advised Jackie Chapman stated her neighbor, Coreen Wood, who lives at the above address, asked her to call 911, because people were breaking into her residence. Dispatch also advised Chapman stated Wood was out of town in Las Vegas, and was receiving text messages from college students living in her residence stating a tall black male was…

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  • Allusion, And Forshadowing In The Veldt By Ray Bradbury

    “The Veldt” is a short and twisting story written in 1950 by Ray Bradbury about the Hadley family who lives in a futuristic world that ends up “ruining human relationships and destroying the minds of children” (Hart). The house they live in is no ordinary home, Bradbury was very creative and optimistic when predicting future technology in homes. This house does everything for the residence including tying shoes, making food, and even rocking them to sleep. The favourite room of the children,…

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  • Wooden: A Fictional Narrative

    Soren stood alone in the center of a room, shifting his weight back and forth. He sniffs the air, and the smell like generated the memories he tried to exile to the back of his mind, the part he wants to forget. He remembered the many days and nights being in this building and even wandering around this room while he recovered from his injury. Soren wore a tan vest and white pants as he continued to wait. He looked around the room that is just too well-ordered as everything in it had a place.…

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  • Sherry Hunt Spoke Up About Citibank's Mortgage Fraud: Case Report

    I was born in the town, Fayetteville in North Carolina. Fayetteville is a small town that had a Wall-Mart, The Waffle House, Bojangles, and a Ruby Tuesday. If, you were to drive by and blink, you would have missed it. I went to church every Sunday like a good Catholic and I also went to a Catholic private school. Church and school constantly repeated the same message “follow the Ten Commandments.” I grew up in a very a religious environment that ultimately sheltered me from the “real” world. I…

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