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  • An Analysis Of Machiavelli's The Prince

    hand. When it comes to what kind of military Machiavelli he made it clear that he believes that the military should be strictly made up of citizens of the region that the ruler controls. Machiavelli states in Chapter XII that “Mercenaries and auxiliaries are useless and dangerous…mercenaries are disunited, thirsty for power, undisciplined, and disloyal”. Machiavelli made it clear in his writings that he trusts no military other than one that is homegrown. Caesare Borgia was the son of Pope Alexander the VI, and was the Duke of Valentinois in France. In Machiavelli’s mind Borgia was the prime example of what a Prince should be. This is why Machiavelli praised him and used him as an model throughout his book. In his writing Machiavelli writes about how Prince’s generally get to power and then have trouble maintaining their power. Borgia is Machiavelli’s example of a prince who did not go through this pattern of rising to power rapidly then having trouble preserving it. Borgia is a prince who rose to power then quickly secured his power base, this allowed him to rule much longer than the other princes who could not secured their base. Because of his connection with his father as Pope he was able to control large armies, however he did use mercenaries quite a bit, one of Machiavelli’s few problems with Borgia. Machiavelli admired Borgia because of his ability to secure his power base and use his political skill to further strengthen his connections and power. Machiavelli…

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  • How Does Machiavelli Condone Any Strategy To Attain And Maintain Power

    follow the paths beaten by great men, and to imitate those who have been supreme” (22). A prince who is not intelligent and wise, will never be able to maintain power because he will be too dependent on others to help him which causes conflict of interest and leads to the fall of power unless he is to choose wise men to be his counsel. I think that these are reasonable because they are not easily countered and use multiple historical examples to justify them although I do not necessarily agree…

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  • Compare And Contrast Thomas More Vs Machiavelli

    In Utopia, there is almost no need for war and if it were ever to occur the Utopians do not battle their foes. “ so that they hire soldiers from all places for carrying on their wars; but chiefly from the Zapolets... Great numbers of them will frequently go out, and offer themselves for a very low pay, to serve any that will employ them” (More. 146-147). Hiring these mercenaries is an excellent choice because it removes the risk of a utopian going out to war and being eliminated. This would keep…

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  • Fyodor Machiavelli's The Prince

    at that time. Stating a ruler must always pay close attention to the military, if he has any hope of maintaining power. Despite stating four types of armies, he has a strong opinion of two types of armies both mercenaries, whom of which he claims are completely idiotic, useless, and void of any logic. Mercenaries are hired soldiers, Machiavelli is entirely against the use of mercenaries, and we have quotes in the book to support this claim. "...if one holds his state on the basis of…

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  • The Moral Philosophy Of Niccolò Machiavelli's The Prince

    whatever is necessary to achieve the goal of acquiring and retaining power. Though Machiavelli derived his pragmatic view of human nature from the political climate of his time, many of his ideas are still pertinent today, for they contain aspects that have been incorporated into our very own country’s foundation, proving them timeless. Throughout the entirety of Machiavelli’s explanations of how to approach different obstacles that may arise, his firm belief that mankind is fickle and…

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  • Machiavelli's Theory Of Military Power Essay

    A self-sufficient prince is one who can withstand any siege baring his own arms, exclusively by means of the defenses of his own possession. “The chief foundation of all states, be they new, old, or mixed, is good laws and good armies” (72). “Good laws cannot subsist without good armies, and likewise, the presence of a good army indicates the existence of good laws” (72). In the revelations of technique and strategy of gaining and keeping political control in the world renowned study, The…

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  • Responsibilities During Ww2

    clearly to me that the inconsistencies in the military had a very destructive role in the Italian history during this period. The reason I say this is because the mercenaries although not mentioned here specifically and the worthless auxiliary army plus mixed army, were all non-reliable. I can see the predicaments that the popes have all gone through or witnessed due to inconsistent military personnel and that in itself invited the coup d’état whereby the popes lost their authority of making…

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  • How Did The Hundred Years War Affect The English Economy

    The Hundred Years’ War was a compilation of skirmishes that were fought between the English and French which involved feudal and mercenary armies for command of the Kingdom of France, over the period of 1337 to 1453. The War began in 1337 due to genealogical issues arising from the English claim to the French throne and the territorial conflicts that ensued. The War ended in 1453 due to the English losing many possessions while retaining their last territory in France, Calais. It was a turning…

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  • The Role Of The Courtier In The Renaissance

    The book talked about the expectations of a prince, how to rule and shared his belief on military stands. Machiavelli said that the princes main concern had to be to protect the sovereignty of the state. He wrote that whether a state was old or new the two most important things to the foundation of the state were sound laws and good military forces. In order to secure the protection of the state the prince had to be the military leader and the troops had to be his own, never mercenaries. A…

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  • What Is The Battle Of Trenton

    The Battle of Trenton that After the Americans lost the battle in New York, George Washington decided it was a great time to attack. In the year 1776 it was December, Christmas Day in the start of the war. George Washington and his army crossed the icy Delaware River. The Colonial Army invaded the town of Trenton, New Jersey. The Battle of Trenton began on December 25th, 1776 and it ended on December 26th, 1776. The British left Trenton in the hands of the mercenary Hessians, who were hired…

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