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  • I Want To Be Anesthesiologist Essay

    I was born in the wrong century; a combination of an imperfect school education and broad parents produced a curious child who dreamed of many different occupations. Growing up in Fayetteville, North Carolina, I’ve seen interests and talents splattered across the entire state. There were Spring Lake Middle School sport coaches who researched different exercises for training players, cross country runners who dabbled in cancer research, and many more occupations. Thus, these people influenced my upbringing; and always pushed me to follow my dreams and to never give up. They see me at my low and always pushed me to my highest point. From these inspirations, I’ve crafted my future to be an anesthesiologist. One where I could play a variety of roles and play them well. My future always seemed so far away but yet so close thus I had a myriad of dreams. I was born in the wrong century; a century I never…

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  • Sherry Hunt Spoke Up About Citibank's Mortgage Fraud: Case Report

    I was born in the town, Fayetteville in North Carolina. Fayetteville is a small town that had a Wall-Mart, The Waffle House, Bojangles, and a Ruby Tuesday. If, you were to drive by and blink, you would have missed it. I went to church every Sunday like a good Catholic and I also went to a Catholic private school. Church and school constantly repeated the same message “follow the Ten Commandments.” I grew up in a very a religious environment that ultimately sheltered me from the “real” world. I…

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  • Love Yourz J. Cole Analysis

    Love Yourz Life is a gift. Many people in the world wish they could trade lives with someone who has more luxuries. A significant part of life is experiencing hardship. One way to motivate people into embracing hardship is through music. Music leaves a powerful message and makes people feel good about themselves. One hip-hop song in particular leaves a strong message for its listeners. In the music video “Love Yourz,” J. Cole empowers his viewers to love life through the struggle by rapping…

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  • The Ladder Children Analysis

    The Sodder Children Rene Daumal, a famous French writer and poet, once said, “Each dawn appears, the mystery is there in its entirety” (Brainyquote). George Sodder was an Italian immigrant and moved to America when he was thirteen. He and his wife, Jennie, had ten children, but one was away in the army during the event that took place on the early morning of December 25th, 1945. The family lived in a small town called Fayetteville in West Virginia, which also had a large community of other…

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  • A Career In Cosmetology

    Each day we learn something new and each day I get closer to working on my very first client. I go to cosmetology for four hours a day, go to Fayetteville High School for the other half of the day, and once school is out I go home to work from 5-12, 5 days a week. Yet when I am at hair school, the time flies by so fast because I’m having so much fun doing things I love. Being there in the morning is a good mental break from reading textbooks and taking notes constantly because I get to do…

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  • Pursuing A Nursing Career

    The first job which is in San Antonio,TX at the Adrian L. Murphy VA hospital, is a position as a registered nurse-nurse manager. The starting salary is $56,000. In order to get this job I must pass a pre-employment exam, designated and/or random drug test, background/security check, and I must be proficient or spoken english. The next job which is in Tampa, FL is a positions as a staff physician. The starting salary is $49,000. In order to get this job I must pass a pre-employment exam,…

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  • A Narrative Essay About Moving To College

    I graduated Central High School in 2012 with about 700 individuals. At that moment, each one of use was about to embark on an incredible journey. My journey began with the decision to go to College in the Natural State of Arkansas. After graduation, it was just a few short months before I moved to the town of Fayetteville to pursue a Bachelor 's of Science in Business Administration at the University of Arkansas. I had chosen my major because I thought that owning my own business one day was…

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  • Hurricane Matthew: A Severe Weather Event

    Hurricane Matthew has been a very severe weather event. Hurricane Matthew started on September 28th, 2016 through October 10th, 2016. Lasting a total of thirteen days. The reason that Hurricane Matthew became such a major event is because it traveled a really long path, and how many people lost their lives because of this hurricane. There were a total of 1,384 deaths caused by Hurricane Matthew. This hurricane occurred from the Caribbean to Cape Hatteras. It went through many places. Such as,…

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  • Monica Dinoto Case Study

    grade in Topsail High School in North Carolina. Mia, the youngest is 14 and is entering 9th grade in Topsail High School along with Joseph. Thomas just retired from 24 years in the Army as an Aviation Warrant Officer. Thomas currently flies for a private jet company called Netjets. Tamora is a stay-home mom with a passion for her family, the military, and that loves the beach. The DiNoto family has moved 6 times; starting in Dothan, Alabama then moving to Heidelberg, Germany, and then El Paso,…

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  • Reflection On Observing Supreme Court

    discussions about being held in contempt I knew exactly what the judge meant, but surprisingly the defense attorney did not seem to completely understand. The attorney informed the judge that if he were to be held in contempt that it would be another case for another day, the judge corrected him and let him know that he could be held in contempt right then and there because he was in the presence of the court. That simple, incorrect, statement from the defense attorney and his lack of progress…

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