I Want To Be Anesthesiologist Essay

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I was born in the wrong century; a combination of an imperfect school education and broad parents produced a curious child who dreamed of many different occupations. Growing up in Fayetteville, North Carolina, I’ve seen interests and talents splattered across the entire state. There were Spring Lake Middle School sport coaches who researched different exercises for training players, cross country runners who dabbled in cancer research, and many more occupations. Thus, these people influenced my upbringing; and always pushed me to follow my dreams and to never give up. They see me at my low and always pushed me to my highest point. From these inspirations, I’ve crafted my future to be an anesthesiologist. One where I could play a variety of roles and play them well. My future always seemed so far away but yet so close thus I had a myriad of dreams. I was born in the wrong century; a century I never …show more content…
So many math problems, English books to read, and science questions to answer. Why was middle school such a stress? Why wasn’t I excelling? Why wasn’t I prepared? Where had my future gone? Then I realized my first C was actually bringing me down. The further I got into school, the more I realized I had to study more. The more I realized I could not just fly through things and it would not be as easy as the previous year was. Then with parents working or too tired once they get home to help. I was all alone thus I knew I could do it. The “smart black girl” was actually a positive and not negativity brought to my ears. I took that and made myself better; I studied on my own, tutored after school, and even got help from my peers. Before you know it, there was the next awards ceremony. I walked across the stage to receive my A/B honor roll certificate with my mom sitting in the crowd cheering and smiling. I knew she was happy therefore I was happy. As a result, everything paid off and I was back on track. All the extra work was worth

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