The Importance Of School Life

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School life has changed me in many ways. Whether it be the expectations of school or what actions happen in school everyday. A lot of us teenagers tend to get very distracted, and we always want to be accepted. Sometimes we try to hard to be liked and that can lead to bad pathways. The bad habits that take place in school have changed me and also the good things. School has changed my personality and my thinking about education.
When I entered middle school I was terrified, it would be my first time there. When we were released for break the halls and the outside were swarming with people. It took me nearly the whole time to try and find someone that I recognized. I finally did find a couple of girls that I knew but I never thought it would
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Middle school was fairly easy, but near the end of seventh grade my grades started to drop in some classes. I would worry a lot about it because my parents would get mad and I tried to bring them up. In eighth grade the same thing began to happen. My parents would remind me to try to raise them up, and they would trust me and wouldn 't put as much pressure to make them better because they knew I would raise them. I began to not care about my grades and I would always say “Oh i 'll make it up later” “It 's ok my parents wont care”. All those excuses didn 't work when the end of the school year was approaching and graduation requirements were popping in. I was one of the students in danger of not walking the stage at culmination, and that scared me because that 's all I was looking forward to all year. I was so pessimistic around that time and thought that I wouldn 't be able to pick myself back up. That 's when my parents really started putting in the pressure and wanted me to culminate, I wanted to culminate. I tried really hard to raise that grade but it was difficult. There was something distracting me from the focus of my education and again that was …show more content…
History repeated itself and I kept trying to fit in. Everyone always tries to fit in. There was something different this year though. One of my friends that I was good friends with began to hang out with “cool” people and she had left her other friends just like me sixth grade. She began to act differently too, she wasn 't even the same person. She was cruel and judged everyone with her new friends. It made me so angry because I knew her and she was acting so different. I knew at one point they were talking about me because they would look and laugh, that 's what they did to everyone. This gave me an outlook of what I was doing or trying to do years before, and that also gave me a realization of how I was treating my friends. I didn 't like it happening to me but I had done the same thing. I can say that my attitude and views of friendship changed so much during these experiences, and that I learned to try and not care what the popular kids were doing and just do me. Just be myself and learn who I

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