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  • Good And Evil In Tolkien's 'Silmarillion'

    Stories have the power to share a message to their audience or explain the reasons why we personally see or think the things we do. Storytellers through myths or through the creation of fictional stories can show that humanity shares many of the same basic struggles and the curiosities to some of life’s greatest mysteries, such as good or evil. In both the biblical myths in Genesis and the fictional world of Tolkien’s Silmarillion there are parallels can be seen between them as individuals submit to evil and suffer resulting punishments or consequences. In the Bible, Genesis 3 retells the story of the temptation and fall of Adam and Eve. The Garden of Eden was a paradise where Adam and Eve had the choice to live out life freely. There was only one rule however, and that rule was to not eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Falling into the deception of the serpent, both Adam and Eve ate from the fruit. Their eyes were opened to the concept of good and evil, but with this Adam and Eve faced consequences. “I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception… cursed is the ground for thy sake: in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life” (Genesis 3:16-17). Furthermore, God exiled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. The consequences of going against God’s grace punished not only Adam and Eve, but also the generations following them in the turmoil to suffer pain in childbirth and forever labor for survival. Cain and Abel is another…

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  • Irish Nationalism: A Political Cartoon Analysis

    In Michael Mays’ book Nation States: The Cultures of Irish Nationalism, he discussed a political cartoon by the editorial cartoonist David Horsey from 1991, which basically suggested that ‘the IRA’s raison d’etre rests solely in a mad campaign of vicious self -perpetuation: “I bomb, therefore I am”’ (Mays, 2007, p149). This cartoon proposed that the only reason the IRA could be as prominent and effective as they were, was their own awareness that the only way to be taken seriously would be…

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  • Gothic Elements In The Big House

    As a of a victim of colonization, Ireland has a long history of patriotic writers that comment on the effects of British colonialism, as well as themes of nationalism and conservatism through their writings. The introduction of Gothic literature, and its fearful conventions of the supernatural and the uncanny, has allowed Irish writers to align nationalist motifs within their texts through a more analogous narrative. As Laura Doyle writes, “The Gothic text has been shown to represent colonialism…

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  • David Beckham's Greatest Soccer Player

    A year later, he was one of the leading faces of England’s World Cup team. In 1998, Beckham signed a deal with Adidas, putting in almost at $13 million in endorsement deals. His popularity in tensed more when he met Victoria Adams, known as “Posh Spice” of the Spice Girls, in 1997. Beckham and Adams fell in love with each other, and had their first child, a son named Brooklyn Joseph. After they had their son, they got married in Dublin, Ireland costing right at $800,000. Later in 1999, he…

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  • Disney Gender Roles

    Gender Roles There are many techniques or “claims of fact” that are used in order to allow an argumentative essay to fulfill the needs of its writers. These techniques include: the Aristotelian rhetoric, the Rogerian model, and Toulon model. In this analysis, these techniques will be analyzed in two different essays, “Girls on Film: The Real Problem with the Disney Princess Brand” by Monika Bartyzel and “In Defense of Princess Culture” by Crystal Liechty. These essays debate the impact of…

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  • Spoiling Opportunities As A Terror Strategy: The Irish Republican Army

    Utilizing Spoiling Opportunities as a Terror Strategy: The Irish Republican Army When an act of terrorism occurs, it can often seem like random, mindless violence to the victims and the bystanders. It can be surprising, therefore, to realize that terrorism is actually a very strategic decision. Terrorism can be very effective, used usually when a group is not strong enough to directly confront and force a policy change from a state actor, choosing instead to persuade their target by showing…

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  • Rising Of The Moon And Trifles Compare And Contrast

    The discussion we were to read Los Vendidos, Trifles, and The Rising of the Moon and compare a contrast each play. With how different each play is it seemed simple to contrast them. When comparing these plays its starts with the authors and the time period when they are written. As far as that goes, these plays could not be any more different. They were performed originally 50 years apart, and 1000 miles apart. The plot of each story is also drastically diverse. However, they also share many…

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  • The Easter Rising In Ireland

    During the beginning centuries in which the whole of Ireland was owned and governed by Britain, political issues were raised from the way in which Britain treated the people of Ireland and furthermore used them only to profit for the motherland of England. The British government boldly put forward governed acts against the Irish working people; these acts were established throughout the 17th century. The way in which the British government drove their proposed acts on Ireland made it harsher for…

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  • The Fighting Ireland Research Paper

    The Fighting Irish Ireland is a country built on war. Throughout its history, it has been conquered, divided, won and lost wars. Even today, the island remains separated into two parts, one belonging to the Republic of Ireland and the other a member of the United Kingdom. The most substantial factor early on was the religion and today the clash between the north and the south is on economic issues. The north, which is part of UK, fairs better economically than the south, which is the…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Double Sports Life

    Shunterrance Walton Mrs. Harper Comp. 1 23 Sept. 2016 A Double Life The double sports life is probably one of the best things to happen in high school. What is better than playing two of the most exciting sports in the school? Well, having those two sports at two different off seasons would be the best. More than likely, with me having an offseason is unimaginable. Playing two sports is not as miserable unless they carry on over to the next one. Do not get me wrong, I love basketball and…

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