Feature integration theory

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  • Visual Search Lab

    before launching the actual demonstration. The task at hand was to find the blue triangle and press certain keys on the computer to indicate whether or not the blue triangle was present on the screen and to move on to the next trial. The “/” key on the keyboard was used to say that the blue triangle was present and the “z” key to say the blue triangle was not present. The participants had to find the blue triangle among red and blue squares and red triangles. The number of triangles and squares varied from 4, 8, 16, and 32 distractions. The demonstration measured the reaction time for each trial. There were a total of 144 trials where 72 were feature search trials and another 72 conjunction search…

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  • Bottom-Up Interference In The Flanker Task By Rotem Avital-Cohen And Tsal

    How well is our brain able to focus and not let distractors get in the way? Through results of flanker tasks, it seems that our brain is not that good with ignoring distractors. This leads to a debate on whether top down processes are used in both targets and interfering distractors in flanker tasks or if bottom up processes are used. In a research article, titled “Top-Down Processes Override Bottom-up Interference in the Flanker Task” by Rotem Avital-Cohen and Yehoshua Tsal, it is clear that…

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  • The Effects Of Media Violence On Children

    see on T.V. (Ledingham). With that in mind, consider the violent content in television programs. A recent content analysis, The National Television Violence Survey, had several interesting findings in regard to violence in television programs: 1. 61% of television programs contain some violence, and only 4 percent of television programs with violent content featured an “antiviolence” theme. 2. 44% of the violent interactions on television involve perpetrators who have some attractive…

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  • Virtual Reality In Film

    members are in the presence of actors, bridging the gap between being a spectator and being more of a participant, thus can “keep the audience interested”. On this assessment, film has the freedom to produce longer and more complicated stories, but virtual reality has the ability to captivate and incorporate audiences into the story in a shorter amount of time. An issue arises in the entertainment industry around shorter films’ ability to produce profit. This stems from an interesting…

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  • The Invisible Man Research Paper

    their imagination. It is such a FUN and INSPIRING way to live. I 've trained at various places, including getting a BFA in Theater from Chapman University, doing intensives with Shakespeare & Co and the Summer Conservatory with ACT in SF. I 've also studied improv at UCB and Groundlings. I currently train at Anthony Meindl 's Actor Workshop in Hollywood, and I will be starting at Lesly Kahn in October. What are some of your most notable or well-known works? My most notable works are The Eric…

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  • Cinesite Case Study

    international, collaborative and storytelling culture with a unique voice. We have BIG dreams that we want to share with global audiences. Cinesite/Image Engine VFX incorporates the wealth of talent and creativity that is abundant in our studios. With a deep talent pool and monumental technical expertise, we’re a trusted technical partner and creative ally that can work on independent and blockbuster projects. Cinesite Animation - Our newly established animation studios in Montreal &…

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  • The Girl By The Roadside

    Mersereau’s star status, explaining that her fans would still see and enjoy it, thus proving the potential of the star system in attracting audience based on star power. Mersereau’s star power was also evident in “Motion Picture Hall of Fame” polls that graced the pages of trade magazines and placed Mersereau in the top one-hundred actors of the time, quantifiably proving her popularity ("The Motion Picture Hall of Fame."). Finally, The Girl by the Roadside demonstrated the increasing…

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  • Kunal Savkurs: A Case Study

    Initially I had planned to interview Kunal Savkur, but after he did not respond to my attempts to contact him, I had to get a bit creative. I reached out to several people on LinkedIn and I received responses from three of them. Two agreed to respond via email, and one agreed to a phone interview. I conducted the phone interview with Zel Anders and I am still awaiting the email responses from the other two women I contacted. Zel Anders has worked as a producer, screenwriter, and director.…

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  • The Role Of Intra-Nation Politics And The ASEAN Economic Community

    Intra-nation Politics and the ASEAN Economic Community ASEAN has accomplished a lot of its economic targets in the four pillars of the ASEAN Economic Community. However, it did not meet its ultimate goal of complete economic integration by 2015. It was a milestone to integrate on various levels the economies of countries with different political systems and economic standing, but a lot more need to done for complete integration; hence, a revised outlook in the form of the AEC Blueprint 2025.…

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  • Was Andrew Carnegie A Hero Or Villain Essay

    they worked so diligently for. Moreover, one would infer that Carnegie would sympathize with his worker because he once was also poor (Document C). Yet, this inference is obviously wrong. For these reasons, Carnegie cannot be considered heroic. Although many will argue that before his death, foundations were set in place to build libraries and fund education, Carnegie executes this for the image purposes mentioned above. An accurate representation of Andrew Carnegie was depicted by The Saturday…

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