The Pros And Cons Of The European Union

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presidential election. The European Union can be double edged sword for France since it has to deal with both domestic and the union’s problems at the same time. France is extremely focus on strategical measures to help the European Union but the presidential elections are in April, and public’s opinion could reflect the way in which they feel about staying in the European Union. Marine Le Pen has promised to have an in or out referendum with six months of her presidency, if she is elected as presidency . In a poll conducted in June, only 35% of the surveyed people supported the idea of France leaving the EU. Pro- EU candidates such as Alain Juppe have been the leading candidates in the preliminaries.
Marine Le Pen might be in favor of a
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The European Union has created a single market and restricted trade policies for all its members, which would mean that if France left the union, it would be difficult for it trade with most members of the union. Internally, France has many pro- EU politicians and press that make it hard for the majority anti- EU opinion to make an impact. Much of the language used by pro- EU refers to any country leaving the EU as “leaving Europe,” which implies that it is necessary for a European country to be part of the European Union to be considered European. Applying pressure by causing fear with the idea of disassociating can cause a country like France to consider not leaving the European Union. The press in France also plays a role in pressuring politicians and the public to have a pro-EU opinion. In France, many of the news sources are either state-run or associated with a major political party. The public’s opinion can be largely influenced by the press, which is in fact sometimes controlled by pro- EU parties. Both of the major and rival newspapers in France, criticized the United Kingdom for leaving the European Union. The more liberal newspaper Le Monde …show more content…
The French politicians seem to be pushing for France to continue to be a member of the European Union due to the clear benefits of being a member of the union. It would complicated for France, which is deeply invested in the European Union. The European Union offers France, a free trade agreement, common currency with 26 countries that facilitates trade, and offers protection against the international market and in case France was to every face a financial crisis. The Brexit vote has caused major tensions within the European Union, causing France to have to be invested in both EU and domestic politics, which has cause some internal resentment in the public. Will France see the rise of a far-right nominee such as Marine Le Pen and win the presidential election in April? Yes there has been an increased in her population, but the majority of the population in France is in favor of staying in the European Union and their institutional establishments are too, making it hard for France to take the route that the UK

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