Europeanization And European Identity

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Europeanization refers to adoption and spreading of European cultures, ideas, policies and economies. It could also refer to the institutionalization of European symbols and icons. European identity formation and citizenship building are being attained through Europeanization. One issue related to this process is identifying whether there really is Europe. There is no document directly stating what Europe is and which states are parts of it. Not knowing the boundaries and not having a concrete definition makes Europe an imagined community. Though such is the case, a lot of people still claim that they are European because they feel a sense of belongingness in a certain community (Europe). This could be due to their interrelated history or …show more content…
According to one of the readings by Borneman that was discussed in class, “Europe exists only in historical relations and fields of power.” This makes it more complicated for the citizens to know what European identity really is. Europe and European identity are both social constructs, therefore abstract. These two ideas are imagined so there could be many conceptions on what these are. Europe may refer to a geographical entity and the people within it, or people who can identify with others for having common or connected pasts. European identity may refer to the plurality of cultures in Europe, a collection cultural, political, and economic ideas. Another complication is that identity is dynamic. It constantly changes, especially in our time now wherein globalization takes place at a fast rate. There has not been a concretely developed European identity yet so many changes are taking place and many factors are affecting its formation.

Amidst the different integration processes (in economies, cultures, social policies) brought about by globalization, Europe takes on “othering” to help form an identity. One has to differentiate itself from an ‘other’ for it to be able to define itself. The Europeans make others feel that they do not belong in the same community. Some of the reasons why othering takes place are due to the differences in physical appearance, religion, and other

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