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  • Estonia Research Paper

    Traditionally, Estonia is known for its values and customs. Estonia’s social standards are based upon social stratification “recurring in the 1990’s” (Vöörmann, Rein.). The social stratification has continued to affect the relationships of the people of Estonia. The way in which one is viewed is more in the value of respect. How one interacts within the society with other members familiar and unfamiliar. How one is perceived in society is very important to Estonians. Much of the living for Estonians is private and what they do outside their private lives is very much formal (Estonia Guide.). Relationships in Estonia In a formal sense Estonia is a very fashioned country. It does not take long for one to figure out that people are more likely…

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  • Declaration Of Independence By Henrik Ibsen: A Character Analysis

    With the rude intrusion of the Russian Revolution that Oskar (or Oscar) and all Estonians had to suffer the future became ever more uncertain. Russification had been increasing in the previous three decades and the Estonians had adjusted, but with the advent of the Revolution it was no longer just an evolution. The free press was shut down. The Communists of Lenin wanted to annex Estonia completely, evidently not factoring into their decision just how fiercely Estonians view their independence.…

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  • Tallink Group Case Study

    keeping customer happy 2. Reduce costs Manpower Nearly 7000 employees Markets 1. Has captured 7 shipping routes: between Tallinn – Helsinki, Tallinn – Stocholm, Finland-Sweden, Estonia-Finland, Estonia-Sweden, Finland-Germany , Latvia-Sweden. 2. Silja Line and Tallink are the most recognised cruise brands in the Northern Baltic Sea Region: Sweden, Estonia, Finland 3. They are associated with a quality customer experience 4. Ranked 11 in World Class duty Free shopping experience 5. 10%…

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  • The Importance Of Oscar's Migration To Canada

    Depression, Oscar started to develop severe headaches in 1935. Initially, no one seemed to be able to find a reason for them and unfortunately for Oscar, the condition persisted and started to get progressively worse. Despite his health, Oscar and Hilda were building up their savings. One consequence of this was that they could afford to take in Oscar’s daughter Vaike (or Vicky). As she was still only 13, in 1936, and didn’t know much about Canada, Hilda went back over to Estonia on July 2 to…

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  • My Freedom Of History

    I grew up in the Eastern Europe in a country called Estonia. When I was born, Estonia was a part of communist Russia called USSR. This regime had strict rules, closed borders and no one was allowed to travel outside the USSR. Also, we did not have any religious freedom or freedom of speech. Despite the political situation in my homeland, my childhood was very happy and peaceful. My parents were able to provide me and my sister everything what we needed. Even though there were many limitations…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The European Union

    presidential election. The European Union can be double edged sword for France since it has to deal with both domestic and the union’s problems at the same time. France is extremely focus on strategical measures to help the European Union but the presidential elections are in April, and public’s opinion could reflect the way in which they feel about staying in the European Union. Marine Le Pen has promised to have an in or out referendum with six months of her presidency, if she is elected as…

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  • Border Controls As A Dimension Of The European Union's Counter-Terrorism Policy: A Critical Analysis

    “We are on the brink of a civil war,” said Patrick Calvar, Head of France Domestic Security Agency, after the numerous terroristic attacks in 2016. The growing coalition of ISIS has caused an increased number of terrorist linked attacks throughout Europe. After the 2015 attack on Paris the attacks continued in Nice, Germany, Normandy and Brussels.The first and bloodiest of a sequence of attacks taking place within two weeks took place in Nice, 84 people were killed when man drive a truck…

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  • Democracy In Russia Research Paper

    There has been much discussion and debate over whether Russia has truly and sufficiently transitioned into a democratic state. My notion of democracy is a system that includes free-markets, free-elections and has significant amounts of political and economic competition. Looking at Russia it is clear that none of these factors are full present. Although Russia has transition significantly form a communist regime, they still remain by definition a ‘state-managed’ democracy. As for the other…

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  • Differences And Norms In Northern Europe Vs. America

    Since the end of the colonial age, European and American customs, practices, political ideas, and cuisines have steadily drifted apart. While largely similar, it is the proverbial devil in the details that marks the subtle but profound differences between both. While one could fill several text books with these subtle difference, not the least reason for which there are so many European countries, this essay will delineate a lesser debated difference. That difference being the working habits and…

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  • European Migrant And Refugee Crisis Analysis

    An Analysis on the European Migrant/Refugee Crisis Amidst a migrant and refugee crisis the European Union and its Member States have not, in the view of the Medecine Sans Frontieres (MSF), met their respective promises of aiding the people most in need. As highlighted by the MSF rejecting E.U. funding and stating that they do so, “‘ protest at their shameful deterrence policies and their intensification of efforts to push people back from European shores,’” (“Europe” 1). Many of the…

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