Tallink Group Case Study

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The Business Strategy of Tallink Group
The Group’s vision for 2014 is to be a market leader in the cruise line industry of Europe by offering world class services in leisure and business travel.
The Group’s Strategy is to:
1. Strive for the highest level of customer satisfaction
2. Increase the volumes and strengthen the market position in the region
3. Develop wide range of quality services for different customers and to pursue new growth opportunities
4. Maintain an optimal debt level that allows sustainable dividends
The consultant has evaluated this business strategy of Tallink Group on SAF Model . The analysis has been done using the archival records like Company presentations, annual Reports and Investors Presentation. Some of the
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Breaking the value-cost trade offs
e. Aligning the whole business environment and activities in pursuit of differentiations and low cost
The cruise line industry creates value by providing outstanding customer experience to generate customer loyalty. The industry has to analyze and study the customer satisfaction index and plan its strategies accordingly. This is best covered by the Blue Ocean strategy where the value-cost trade-offs are removed and the focus in on creating an uncontested market space. The competitive advantage is achieved by focusing both of cost advantage and creating differentiation. Identifying the un-tapped market and creating strategies to tap the non-cruisers can be the focus while implementing the Blue Ocean strategy.

2. Recruiting and Selecting the right Front Desk Personnel
The HR department needs to re-design the hiring policies with the top management to hire the right service personnel for their business. The attributes to look for while hiring front desk personnel can be listed as below:
a. Empathetic
b. Reliable
c. Responsive
d. Confident
e. Pleasant

3. Internal
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For excellent customer services/external marketing it is very important that the employees in the organization are satisfied, happy and motivated. Tallink needs to re-organize its internal marketing/people management strategies. The focus should be:
a. Motivate Front Desk Service Personnel - by giving monetary incentives like yearly bonus or commissions or non-monetary incentives like Rewards and Recognition, Praise, Awards etc.
b. Teach Front Desk Service Personnel – all the employees need to know what their job and duties are, information about the company Tallink and the services offered by them, knowledge about the cruise and the facilities on-board
c. Train Front Desk Service Personnel – Service personnel need to learn and develop new skills to serve their customers better. They need to understand the changing dynamics of the cruise industry and the changing customer expectations, needs and requirements to enhance customer experience while on cruise.
d. Encourage One-to-One Marketing – Service personnel need to learn how to interact more with the customers confidently to assess their needs and understand what experience they are looking at. They also need to cross-sell the services offered by Tallink to their customers while on

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