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  • The Importance Of Oscar's Migration To Canada

    mainly from Scandinavia and essentially no Estonians. By the time Oscar arrived the patriarch James Feeley had passed away (in April 1928) and Myron the younger son had inherited his dad 's farm. The 480 acre farm (Location: Section 20, Township 33 Range 5, West of Second Meridian T33R5 W2) impressed Oscar. For him “the land seemed endless as the sea” and you could “not see the other end of the furrow.” It took, according to Oscar, the labour of 7 men to operate and maintain the homestead filled horizon to horizon of oats, barley and wheat. In addition to the crops it was also a cattle and hog ranch with about 500 pigs. Roaming threshers would be paid $11⁄2 a day to separate the grain from the chaff. Adding to the stage that was set just before Oscar arrived, the Feeleys, with neighbouring farmers, purchased 'Sunny Jim ', a Belgian stallion that was trucked around to the owners farms to breed as required. Also while on the Feeley farm Oscar, as many an Estonian immigrant, learnt as much English he could to better protect himself in his next and hopefully better job.  Oscar ran an eight horse team with four in the front and four in the back requiring two sets of reins that rubbed his unfarmerlike hands raw. The size and breadth of the farm required the horse to rest after ploughing just one furrow from one end and back. Oscar may have heard tales of his grandfather 's farming skills and certainly would have known a bit about typical Estonian farms, but Saskatchewan farms…

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  • Tallink Group Case Study

    Tallink Group suggests that they are suitable, feasible and acceptable. Porter’s Five Force Analysis Threat of New Entrants (Low) 1. Popularity of cruise ship businesses are significantly generating economical development in the region of Estonia. 2. Multiple players are competing in the market as major rivalry. 3. In 2011, the port of Tallin received more than 60,000 passengers in the first month of the traditional cruise season which was 32.8% higher than the previous year 2010. In the same…

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  • Estonia Research Paper

    Estonia. The way in which one is viewed is more in the value of respect. How one interacts within the society with other members familiar and unfamiliar. How one is perceived in society is very important to Estonians. Much of the living for Estonians is private and what they do outside their private lives is very much formal (Estonia Guide.). Relationships in Estonia In a formal sense Estonia is a very fashioned country. It does not take long for one to figure out that people are more likely…

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  • Declaration Of Independence By Henrik Ibsen: A Character Analysis

    With the rude intrusion of the Russian Revolution that Oskar (or Oscar) and all Estonians had to suffer the future became ever more uncertain. Russification had been increasing in the previous three decades and the Estonians had adjusted, but with the advent of the Revolution it was no longer just an evolution. The free press was shut down. The Communists of Lenin wanted to annex Estonia completely, evidently not factoring into their decision just how fiercely Estonians view their independence.…

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  • My Freedom Of History

    all the other native Estonians. For ordinary people a greater part of everyday life consisted of searching and waiting for basic material goods, including food. Going to a store meant standing hours per day in long lines to purchase meat and potatoes, even personal hygiene and health items, including toilet paper were short supply. We saw little of our parents, they were away from home each day for long stretches of time as they worked and shopped for basic necessities. That was the reason my…

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  • Parhon's Purge Summary

    This is why she places characters such as Aliide Truu, Ingel, Hans and Linda Pekk back in those dark times. Hans Pekk, one of the most significant characters in the novel secretly “collaborated with the Germans during the Second World War -- more sympathetic to him and the cause of Estonian independence than the Russians --, and with the Soviet victory he was no longer able to live out in the open.” ( Ingel, Aliide’s sister marries to…

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  • The Nation Of Tuvalu And Punishment For Cyber Terrorism

    increasingly popular method of terrorism used to attack government systems, financial systems, aviation systems, and large public or private corporations. Cyber terrorists are able to cause small and large-scale destruction without fear of being held accountable. The main appeal for cyber terrorists is the ability to instigate fear in the public in order to further their own personal agenda. This form of terrorism is also convenient for those involved because of the relatively easy access to…

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  • Social Factors Affect Tourism Destination

    is the primary motivation why most people first come to Estonia – ‘to see the best protected and undamaged medieval city in Northern Europe’. According to UNESCO World Heritage Centre (nd) Tallinn's Old Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as other major attractions, such as the Seaplane Harbour, Tallinn Zoo and the Estonian Open Air Museum. Is there any environmental impact due to mass tourism in Tallinn? As indicated by Wall and Wright (1997: 3-5), cited in Mathieson and…

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  • Internet Access Is Not A Human Right Analysis

    argument discussion. The decisive title of the article, “Internet Access is Not a Human Right”, makes it clear that it is a persuasive work. Cerf’s purpose is to refute the opponent and persuade that internet access is a new way allowing people to exercise their rights instead of a right itself, and further protection on internet users is required. In addition, the article aimed at the readers that is questioning about whether internet is or should be a civil or human right, and the…

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  • Examples Of Valentine's Day Essay

    February 14 is called “Ystavan Paiva” in Finnish and “Sobrapaev” in Estonian. Both words literally translate to Friend’s Day. People exchange gifts and cards amongst friends, with the greeting “Happy Friends Day.” 7. Let Animals Decide Your Fate Some people who are uber superstitious believe that certain animals spotted on Valentine’s Day have the ability to predict your future mate, and the type of person you’ll marry. If you see a dove on V-day, you’ve got a mate for life. If you see a…

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