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  • Tsarist Autocracy

    This is highlighted thoroughly through the historians and primary sources such as the re-account of Father George Gapon to truly demonstrate how the stubborn and injudicious personality of the Tsar ultimately influenced his weak leadership and decisions politically, economically and socially in the events of Bloody Sunday, the 1905 revolution and world war 1 leading to the rising discontent of the people; forcing him out of autocracy and into his abdication in…

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  • Declassified: The Secrecy Dilemma In National Security By Michael Colaresi

    makes his justification less concrete. Colaresi’s (2014) third and final argument about the benefits of oversight is that democracies with oversight have a higher success rate when it comes to foreign policy disputes, and thus have a higher ability in disputes (p. 220). In his analysis, he points to a chart of the probability of success of a democracy with high oversight versus autocracies with little to no oversight. This graph shows that when high levels of oversight are instituted,…

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  • Autocracy In Russia Essay

    A crisis of modernization was one of the many reasons that caused the collapse of the autocracy in Russia, and the first step to allowing Lenin and the Bolshevik party to eventually gain control of the state. In the 19th century, Russia was one of the largest and most backward states on the European continent. The peasants of the country remained serfs until the mid-1800s, and even when they gained their freedom, they were enslaved to debt and redemption payments to their landlords that they…

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  • Democracy In Russia Research Paper

    A system of high equality will mean there is lesser likelihood of conflict between the autocrat and the people. A perfect example of this would be the country of Malaysia. Malaysia’s government is structured as a spurious democracy; in reality Malaysia is primarily a autocratic state. Nevertheless Malaysia maintains a successful autocracy because they maintain a high level of income equality, and lack of corruption. Authoritarian systems are likely to fail in nations in which income inequality…

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  • Latin American Authoritarianism

    Now that the literature on the topic has been through an exhaustive analysis, the authoritarianism of these regimes requires a comparison. Expansion of the similarities and the differences between Mubarak and Pinochet will provide a deeper understanding of the flexibility of autocracy. Egypt and Chile are an ocean apart, literally and figuratively. The regions differ greatly in nearly all facets such as origins, geography, language, social beliefs, and countless more. Examining a Middle Eastern…

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  • Analysis Of John Stuart Mill's Considerations On Representative Government

    In “On Liberty,” Mill discloses his view that “the despotism of custom” is the antithesis of progress and development (78). Progress and development need liberty, because liberty lets people explore new ideas, and new ways of living, which can help people increase their standard of living. Once again, the processes of representative governments protect liberty better than autocracies…

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  • Analysis Of The Tyranny Of Experts By William Easterly

    This is the argument that I find most compelling. Poor individuals’ desires are often ignored when experts make policy recommendations intended to enhance the economy of the entire nation. In collectivist nations, this is especially problematic, where autocracies that have been propped up by technocratic development experts perpetuate a cycle that silences individuals for the sake of the nation. Easterly argues that allowing individuals the protections that give them options for free speech,…

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  • Carl Becker's Ideal Democracy

    Carl Becker wrote about the “ideal democracy” in a government. The main purpose of his lecture is to make a clear understanding on the nature of democracy. He compares it with other forms of government that confide in a autocracy and the leadership of the few rather than the many. He states his concrete definition of democracy as, “A democratic government has always meant one in which the citizens, or a sufficient number of them to represent more or less effectively the common will, freely to…

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  • Lord Of The Flies Allegory

    should also decide how long should leader remain in the position of power? On to my next quotations, Jack had “waved his spear again” and he asked “has everybody eaten as much as they want”. When no response occurs he had repeated his question. However, “His tone conveyed a warning, given out of the pride of ownership, and the boys ate faster while there was still time.” The way he seems to lead the children is out of fear and manipulation. Repetition and Diction are both present during these…

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  • Paul Bartow's Four Founding Principles Of America

    democracy, or it will result in despotism, which is what the governments are like in several parts of the world. He states that democracy requires the large participation of the society. I agree with this argument because democracy means nothing without the participation of people, but even with the participation of people, it can still be destroyed. An example of this can be Ghana under Kwame Nkrumah, the leader of independence of Ghana and Pan-Africanism, who later became a dictator, and…

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