Lord Of The Flies Allegory

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In section 5 of the allegory “The Lord of the Flies”, the symbol of civilization has been shattered near the end of chapter 10 and the majority of the boys have fully descended into savagery. In addition, the position of “chief” has been transferred for Jack. This is evident as Jack and Ralph argues over who claims the title of “chief in Chapter 9. Jack uses the meat given to the boys as a strategy to listen to him. Ralph says “I’m Chief, because you chose me. And we were going to keep the fire going. Now you run after food-“Jack interrupts with “You ran yourself! Look at that bone in your hands!” Ralph says “I said you were hunters. That was your job.” Jack ignores him and asks “Who’ll join my tribe and have fun?” Lastly Ralph repeats with …show more content…
Before the decline of the Empire, the civilization was using uncivilized ways for their own entertainment. These games often included slaves or starving victims being torn apart by the ferocious animals. The romans also employed many torture methods for their enemies. People would be condemned to crucifixion for their crimes. Many factors had contributed to the demise of the Romans. Factors included overspending in military, government corruption, slave labor, political instability. They all relate to Jack’s way of running his government. His dictatorship had focused on military and quite obviously his government was insecure. If it wasn’t for Ralph his focus on military would’ve resulted in no shelters being built and all the time would be used for hunting and entertainment. We can relate the militaristic behavior to the way Jack’s tribe acted near the end of Chapter 10. Piggy had said “They didn’t come for the conch.” The conch was a symbol of democracy and obviously being on the opposite end of the political spectrum Jack had no interest in democracy. Instead, he targets Piggy’s glasses which symbolized the civilization. Furthermore, he also broke Piggy’s glasses so he destroyed any remains of civilization on the island. By destroying the glasses, the question would

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