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  • Lord Of The Flies Allegory

    In section 5 of the allegory “The Lord of the Flies”, the symbol of civilization has been shattered near the end of chapter 10 and the majority of the boys have fully descended into savagery. In addition, the position of “chief” has been transferred for Jack. This is evident as Jack and Ralph argues over who claims the title of “chief in Chapter 9. Jack uses the meat given to the boys as a strategy to listen to him. Ralph says “I’m Chief, because you chose me. And we were going to keep the fire going. Now you run after food-“Jack interrupts with “You ran yourself! Look at that bone in your hands!” Ralph says “I said you were hunters. That was your job.” Jack ignores him and asks “Who’ll join my tribe and have fun?” Lastly Ralph repeats with “I’m chief.” Ralph repetition of the title of chief to symbolize his power over the other boys. Ralph was hastily chosen to become chief because of he had wielded the conch but not because of a proper election. Then the question would be: How can the children properly elect a leader? In addition the children should also decide how long should leader remain in the position of power? On to my next quotations, Jack had “waved his spear again” and he asked “has everybody eaten as much as they want”. When no response occurs he had repeated his question. However, “His tone conveyed a warning, given out of the pride of ownership, and the boys ate faster while there was still time.” The way he seems to lead the children is out of fear and…

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  • Jy Bada Thesis

    Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Mos Def, if you are a fan of music, specifically hip-hop, chance are you have hear one if not all of these names before. Aside from all being rappers, they have one thing in common; they originated from Brooklyn, New York. I am going to introduce you to an emcee that would have made the late great Notorious B.I.G. proud. His name is Joey Bada$$, and his first project called “1999” represents not only the golden age of hip-hop in the 1990’s, but also is…

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  • Character Analysis: Life Without A Trace

    Gone Without a Trace Riding peacefully one second, gone the next. On the early morning of March 9th, 1977, Notorious B.I.G., also known as Biggie, was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting. Although his death remains as an unsolved mystery in the police records, Notorious B.I.G. was abruptly murdered by LAPD detective David Mack. Notorious was in Los Angeles, California to perform his new album called Life After Death and present a music award to the artist Soul Train. After the ceremony he…

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  • Of The Murders Of Tupac Shakur And Biggie Smalls?

    This essay will be mainly based off the scientific aspect of the murders of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. Before I start talking about the muders, I am going to talk about scientific aspects of crimes. For different types of crimes such as: murders, drug deals, accidents, etc., science plays a very important role in all crimes. For crimes such as murder, science is the main thing they have to use to figure out what really happened. This type of science is called forensic science, and this is…

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  • Biggie Smalls Biography

    made some demo recordings on a tape, which eventually reached Uptown Records producer Sean Combs. Combs signed Smalls immediately and they started making music together for Combs’s label Bad Boy Records. In 1994, Biggie came out with his first album titled Ready to Die. The album was incredibly successful and sold over four million copies. Several songs reached the top ten on the pop and R&B…

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  • Lil Yachty Research Paper

    Lil Yachty, a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, began feeling as if he could be more than just the average rapper and quickly changed the habits he possessed. One night, he had a dream about being visited by a God, who wanted to take him to Rapper Hell, to see what will happen to him if he continues on the path that he is on. God tells him, “I will be sending someone that will guide you through Rapper Hell”. Lil Yachty wakes up to the face of Tupac Shakur a famous rapper in front of him. Lil Yachty…

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  • Serial Killers: Donald Henry Gaskins And Jeffrey Dahmer

    Among the most well-known serial killers are names like Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Tommy Lynn Sells, and so on. These men are regarded as vicious and have killed multiple people. Common myths about serial killers that often cloud our visions of them are that these killers are white men, motivated by sexual desires, and are anti-social. Why do we see so many serial killers like this? The answer could be attributed to two infamous American serial killers. They go by the names Donald Henry Gaskins…

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  • The Learning Theory: The Case Of Jeffrey Dahmer

    Hello Everyone! When someone commits any kind of murder and especially if this said person has done this crime more than once, we as a society tends to want to know why this has occurred? What has caused this person to commit these crimes repeatedly? In the case of Jeffrey Dahmer I think it is a variety of reasons. The first one being control theory. When you look into Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood, he seemed to have lacked social controls which is usually formed in the early stages of one’s…

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  • Characteristics Of Jeffrey Dahmer

    cannibalism…As explained by Peter Vronssky, lust killers typically need intimate skin-to-skin contact in their killings and often use a knife or strangulation to murder. They are highly organized in their crimes and normally fantasize extensively about murder. Lust killers may rehearse it in their minds for years before actually killing their first victim. Over time, lust killers become addicted to rape and murder much like an addict becomes addicted to drugs. Generally, as they progress, either…

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  • Sumitomo Corporation Case Study

    Sumitomo Copper Scandal (1995) Impacts on the Sumitomo Corporation The Sumitomo Copper estimated that the copper scandal, the financial scandal, gave rise to losses of $1.8 billion in June 1995. According to the company, the case would not affect their activeness and they would swallow the entire loss in the current fiscal year, which was about nine months after it took place. In order to cover the $1.8 billion losses, they would set aside a fund from the original executive bonuses and canceled…

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