Lil Yachty Research Paper

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Lil Yachty, a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, began feeling as if he could be more than just the average rapper and quickly changed the habits he possessed. One night, he had a dream about being visited by a God, who wanted to take him to Rapper Hell, to see what will happen to him if he continues on the path that he is on. God tells him, “I will be sending someone that will guide you through Rapper Hell”. Lil Yachty wakes up to the face of Tupac Shakur a famous rapper in front of him. Lil Yachty ascends out of his bed and gets ready for the journey with Tupac who grabs him by his shoulder and takes them to a dark alley in Atlanta. Tupac touches a wall in an alley and a swirl appears that transports them into hell.
Lil Yachty is marveled at the
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Lil Yachty saw Canadian rapper Drake dressed like a Jamaican because he had long dreadlocks cap on this head. Tupac tells him this is the punishment for those who stole from different cultures to make quick money. They travel to the eight tunnel only to hear chains hit a desk and to see demons floating above the ceilings. Tupac told Lil Yachty that people are being tied to a desk for having ghostwriters. For instance, Lil Yachty saw P. Diddy chained to desk writing and was moaning, groaning. They continue on to the final tunnel before Lil Yachty was released to return back to earth. In this tunnel, Lil Yachty noticed that a lot of people were receiving different kinds of punishment. He saw people being whipped, chased by wild dogs and other forms of torture. Something caught his eye which was when he saw Bobby Schmurda in a prison jumpsuit in front of a judge telling him he is convicted and is going to jail. Tupac tells Lil Yachty this is the punishment for those who were one hit wonders. The both of them go to a cliff and they saw a vortex which was the exit of hell. Tupac jumped off and Lil Yachty followed his lead to find himself back in his mom’s house. From seeing all those punishments and the people being tortured he decides to change his way of thinking to become someone than he was in the

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