Buck The Memoir Chapter Analysis

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I read the book Buck: The Memoir and I choose chapter’s 4-6.In chapter 4 Malo tells a story about how his friend Michael’s cousin took a dump and scooped it up with a newspaper and smeared it on someone’s front door. He got his tail beat by a Louisville slugger and he had to eat his own poop. Malo never liked Fritz so he was happy. Malo hated going to “Friends” he was forced to go to that school so he would stay out of trouble. Principle Roach disliked Malo so it also made it harder to stay out of trouble. He didn’t like Principle Roach either. Roach would always yell at him about the rules. Malo starts to miss and wonder what his brother Uzi was up to. Uzi wrote Malo saying he got kicked out and how he stays with some of his female friends at times to basically get what he wants. Uzi also told Malo to look out for their mother because she’s going through tough times. During chapter 4 Malo is sent to Mr. Roach’s office for saying he didn’t like the school because the school didn’t like him.
During Chapter 5 we find that Tupac dies and also that Malo’s mother was taken from the house and now is in
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Malo and his friends go to B&O to see how many girls’s numbers he and his friends can get. A girl tells off Rayan because he said he would “tear her up”. Malo tells himself that he has to have Ginga and can’t use the same tired lines. Ginga deals with attitude, a way of life, soul style and swag. Malo sees a girl and goes to talk to her and she says “hey and bye” because her train had arrived. He decides to get on the train also and he gives her his number so she could call him later that night. Malo’s mom pretends to be asleep when she hears Chaka pulling up .She also said in her journal that she knows about Malo taking the car .She also says she was thinking about talking to Malo about taking her car but she knows he would just deny taking it in the first

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