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  • Informative Speech On American Music

    It is a pregame ritual to listen to them before any game, practice, or workout. Out of all their music the song, “Break Stuff”, has the most meaning to me. To further prove that music is a drug, it has the power to get the blood in you flowing fast enough to make you feel invincible. I remember lacing up my skates and I heard, “No human contact / And if you interact / Your life is on contract.” (Break Stuff, Limp Bizkit) I was thinking of the game and getting ready to win. It was the Championship game and the winner went on to Nationals, and the entire game I kept thinking of when Fred Durst said “Feelin’ like a freight train / First one to complain / Leaves with a blood…

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  • The Importance Of Media Violence

    fuck up, and get what's comin' to you... You were supposed to love me!!!!! (Sound of Kim choking) NOW BLEED, BITCH, BLEEDBLEED, BITCH, BLEED, BLEEEEEED!" (Source: From the song Kim, by Eminem) In spite of his promotion of violence, Eminem continues to be a commercial success. His Marshall Mathers release sold 679,567 copies in Canada in 2000, and was the year's best-selling album. And The Eminem Show topped Canadian charts for months in 2002, selling, at one point, approximately 18,000 copies…

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