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  • American History X Character Analysis

    The majority of the most memorable characters in movies and even TV shows are the ones that don’t feel like characters at all. They feel like actual living people and not just an actor playing a role. If a character doesn’t evolve throughout the course of the movie but instead remains stagnant and emotionless, then the viewer can’t really connect with that character. People learn and grow and change because of their environment, and the characters that can recreate this human trait on film are the ones that feel the most human to the viewer. Characters like Derek Vinyard in the movie American History X (Tony Kaye, 1998) capture the human essence of changing for the better. American History X follows the story of Derek Vinyard, a former neo-Nazi skinhead who tries to stop his younger brother, Danny Vinyard, from going down the same path he did. The movie uses different techniques to emphasize Derek’s change as a person and his path to enlightenment. The beginning half of the movie is told through the eyes of Danny, in the form of…

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  • American History X Film Analysis

    In the film American History X directed by Tony Kaye, he tell the story of morden day narzi’s (Neo Narzi). Tony uses many film techniques to portray the life of Derek Vinyard and his brother Danny Vinyard. In this movie Derek goes to prison and the experience changed his view on black people. The purpose of the first scene was to show how dark and twisted Derek’s past was. For example the kurb stomp scene, where Derek brutally murders a black man. The purpose of the second scene was to show how…

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  • American History X Thesis

    The Truth About White Supremacy: American History X As a Hispanic, I suppose I should expect or, be prepared, rather, for racism and discrimination. Thankfully, I have not experienced either.. yet. Our world is not perfect; things take place that we rather not know about, but ignoring the problem seems to only make matters worse. The movie American History X, is an admirable attempt to inform us about these types of malicious ignorance that plague our society. The impeccable acting,…

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  • Racism In The Film American History X

    The 1998 movie American History X is reputed as one of the most effective films in terms of tackling racism, condemning neo-Nazism, and supporting equality and justice. The way racism, one of the most significant residues of post colonialism is depicted is by showing it explicitly on the film numerous times in numerous different ways, such as switching back and forth from black and white to color, to depict the different stages in Derek's life; symbolizing his time as a racist and as a reformed…

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  • American History X Movie Essay

    The movie „American History X“ was directed by Tony Kaye and released in 1998. It deals with the story of two brothers, Derek and Danny, who became involved in the neo-Nazi movement, after their father was murdered by an Afro American. Derek ends up in prison, because he killed two Afro Americans, who broke in his car and tried to steal it. Derek shoots one of them several times in his chest and told the other one to lay his head on the sidewalk breaking his neck and causing him to die. The…

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  • American History X Sociological Analysis

    The movie American History X although depicting both sociological and psychological perspectives of life, dramatically portrays the impact that hate can have on individuals, families and even the society as a whole. It is imperative to note that, although the elements of racism seem to take a center part in the movie with the way they are passed down through generations, the movie undeniably proves that individuals should not fall prey to their surroundings. Importantly, the movie shows how…

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  • American History X Ethical Issues

    American History X is a film about a high school student played by Edward Norton, who deals with the influence of a neo-Nazi group called the Disciples of Christ (D.O.C.) in Venice, California. The character played by Edward Norton is named Derek. In day-to-day life, Derek and his younger brother Danny, played by Edward Furlong, grows up in a household where their father displays racist tendencies in reaction to school assignments from Derek’s English teacher. The racial tension is always…

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  • American History X Narrative Structure

    Since the beginning of filmmaking, many film analysists have developed numerous theories that consist of a films overall structuralism; with each one being utilished as a storytelling method. As a result, I am going to analyse and discuss the narrative structure of the dramatic crime film, American History X; as throughout the film, they have included several attributes from a number of narrative theories that are encoded within its narrative structure. Structuralism: AMERICAN HISTORY X From…

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  • American History X Movie Analysis

    A Movie Analysis: “American History X” Introduction “American History X” was directed by Tom Kaye and released 1998. It is a story “partly based on the life of reformed skinhead Frank Meeink, who served three years in prison for charges related to white supremacist beliefs; now an accomplished anti-skinhead author and lecturer.” (Sean Hutchinson; Mental Floss, 2015) The setting is Venice Beach near Los Angeles, California 1998, where a growing number of immigrants chose to reside after…

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  • Racism In The Film 'American History X'

    The movie “American History X” is centered around a violent, racist, neo-Nazi named Derek Vinyard. After killing two black men he is sent to prison where he rethinks his beliefs on racism and the affect it has had on him and his families lives. Humans are visual animals, meaning that our first instinct is to asses and classify the things we see. We make judgements on people and the objects around us based on our experiences and what we are taught. Racism is a learned behavior and to some…

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