Informative Speech On American Music

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Cocaine, heroin, meth, mushrooms, acid, alcohol, and music. A brief list of some of the strongest drugs on the planet. Through my actions, I may show how I think, but my music will tell you more about me than I ever will. Eminem once said “… music is reflection of self”. Like good weed, music will relax your body and put a smile on your face. At the same time music can break you down and leave you in an emotional wreck. As well as hype you up to play nationwide games.
People say to understand something you have to learn the history behind it. So who created one of the strongest drugs on earth, and why did they make it? No one can accurately date when music was created, but some believe that music was created even before Adam and Eve. Most music historians believe that music was a way to tell stories, relax, or help pass time. “Mental patients are said to have been calmed by the playing of soothing tunes.”(Robert Doolan). In America Music has had a huge impact, before slavery to today’s music, there is always a message. Slaves would sing songs to help boost each other’s spirits, pass time, or just to have fun. During Vietnam music was used to create a louder voice for the people,
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It is a pregame ritual to listen to them before any game, practice, or workout. Out of all their music the song, “Break Stuff”, has the most meaning to me. To further prove that music is a drug, it has the power to get the blood in you flowing fast enough to make you feel invincible. I remember lacing up my skates and I heard, “No human contact / And if you interact / Your life is on contract.” (Break Stuff, Limp Bizkit) I was thinking of the game and getting ready to win. It was the Championship game and the winner went on to Nationals, and the entire game I kept thinking of when Fred Durst said “Feelin’ like a freight train / First one to complain / Leaves with a blood

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