Analysis Of Rebel Music By Daniel Felsenfeld

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Rebel Music In Daniel Felsenfeld’s narrative, he describes himself as a rebel, when it comes to the taste of music during his time. In the beginning of his narrative, Felsenfeld feels he is missing out on different aspects of culture, particularly music. At seventeen, he was a traveling, amateur, pianist. He was getting tired of playing the same music and started drifting from his passion. Until his friend Mike showed him something “wild”. When Mike played Beethoven’s ninth Symphony, Felsenfeld said, “it was like a drug effect on me”. His love for classical music was unconventional for his time. Nowadays, music can be considered the most beautifully constructed way of starting a rebellion. Not only is it a way of mass communicating, but also connecting like minded people, a way of healing, and inspiring individuality. Music is so wide spread you hear it everywhere you go. There’s music playing in the elevator, in movies, in church, and more. Music can start a conversation. For example, if you are on a date at a restaurant and you hear a song playing, you might say something like, “wow I really love this song.” In commercials, the most entertaining advertisements have a jingle involved. When I have a test to study for and there is a specific concept I cannot seem to comprehend; I make a song out of the material. I’ll …show more content…
Within five seconds of a good song playing, I could be instantly hooked just as if I were to take an addictive drug. With that being said, music is one of the best therapies. Music really helps me go through whatever mood I’m in. When my uncle passed away from cancer, the first thing I did was drop to the floor and put on music to cry to. I’m not sure why we humans have such a reaction to music, but it’s a very beautiful thing. Music has an amazing way of healing. I don’t think that is only my opinion either, clearly Daniel Felsenfeld

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