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  • Women In The 1920s

    Americans were against the ERA, because they believed it would hinder women’s rights and not provide women protection in the work force (Appleby, Brinkley, Broussard, McPherson, Ritchie). Although the ERA was presented to Congress on several occasions between 1923 and 1972, the ERA has failed to be included in the United States Constitution (“The Equal Rights Amendment”). Near the end of the twenties, women were appointed to local, national, and state committees. Women were also allowed to serve on juries. Women began to have an impact on the federal government; this was the start to political equality for women (Benner). Nellie Tayloe Ross was married to William Bradford Ross, the governor of Wyoming. William Ross died during his term due to surgery complications. Nellie Ross took the place as governor of Wyoming for her husband (Simon). Nellie Tayloe Ross was the first female to serve as a United States governor (Tomyn). One of the most famous women of politics during the 1920s was Eleanor Roosevelt. In 1924, Eleanor became a member of the board of the bi-partisan Women’s City Club. This organization’s intention was to notify women about political and social issues (“Biography of Anna Eleanor Roosevelt”). Additionally, she worked with the League of Women Voters; she assisted in the Women’s Suffrage Movement (“Eleanor Roosevelt Contributions”). Through her New York governorship and membership of numerous political organizations, Eleanor was quite beneficial for…

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  • Nellie Bly: The Progressive Journalist

    The Industrial Revolution was a time of modification for the United States of America. The old ways of life were scrapped, melted down, and reformed into a powerful machine of industry. But as the economy and boomed, society rotted and decayed. Poverty was rampant everywhere and death infested the cities. The Progressive Era served as a time in which the wrongs of the Industrial Revolution were righted. Journalists, politicians, suffragists, and more rallied to clean the filthy and corrupt…

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  • Nellie Bly Research Paper

    Around the World with Nellie Bly Women in journalism owe their career path to Nellie Bly. Bly was a famous journalist who traveled the world in 72 days, prompted social reforms and was the first women in her field. She pioneered investigative journalism which is a branch of journalism. Investigative journalism is gathering many sources and going very in depth on a subject that is a current issue or to prompt social reform. Bly chose current social issues of her time and was able to get her…

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  • Nellie Bly's Essay: The Horrors Of The Madhouse

    institution said to her, "Criminals are given every chance to prove their innocence. These poor, overworked girls are convicted after a few trifling questions" (Ehrlich 63). Women were thrown into asylums simply because they cheated on their husbands, were physically sick or overworked, or because they could not speaking English (Ehrlich 62-63). Nellie Bly a journalist, went into a institutions and exposed the horrible doings of the asylums for the greater good. The institutions in the 1840s…

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  • The Cherokee Removal: Justification

    removal didn’t end in 1830, but rather was fought for many years after. One person that continued the fight against the removal was John Ross. John Ross continued for years after to find alternatives to the removal. “He suggested alternatives to removal including the extension of United States citizenship to the Cherokees remaining in the East and their acceptance of fair state laws.” (Perdue and Green 153). Ross eventually sought the help from the writer Howard Payne to write against the…

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  • Cherokee Relationship

    There have been many instances in which the Cherokees and the Americans have demonstrated a great, amicable, and mutually beneficial relationship. From the introduction of the Christian religion to the increased literacy due to the printing press, the Cherokees relationship with the whites have produced numerous benefits. Although there is no reason for this favorable relationship to change, the circumstances presented to us at this point in history have necessitated an adjustment in the…

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  • Country Boy Monologue

    a few black boys when with white girls. when the whites people found out about it, the girl would always say, the black boy make her do it.if the black boy wanted to live another day, he had to leave town that night and never came back again. sometimes the boy’s family suffer for his action. it was and still is a small town, everyone knew everybody black and white, but we didn 't go to school together. 3. It was a good place to live and grow up. I am so glad I was raised there, after I…

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  • History Of Motown Records

    “fight” for peace and equality. When going on tour to the South, Artists didn’t enjoy it much. Sometimes the crowd at a venue was segregated. A year after touring, when the music began popular between both races, they were no longer segregated. Everyone would eventually dance with each other. Although the success of Motown, many artists left. Gordy was interested in making money and that was all. He wanted to control the sounds of most of the artists and some did not support that at all. Many…

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  • Essay On 1970s Fashion

    and singers in a magazine, that looked like her. Music was another major media influence on Cindy’s life growing up because her father was a DJ at a local Jazz Club in her hometown. Cindy recalls times where she had the chance to meet and rub shoulders with musicians, she adored. Musicians such as Diana Ross, Natalie Cole, and Chaka Khan and many other famous black women during the 70s influenced the way Cynthia dressed and her perception of beauty. In this paper, I will discuss how Cynthia…

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  • Cheroke And The Bear Analysis

    The Cherokee speak the story of a young man: One day, while out hunting in the forest, the man came across a bear. He fired off arrow after arrow at the beast, but could not bring it down. Eventually the bear stopped running, and stood up, pulling the arrows out of his body and holding them towards the man. The hunter realized he had stumbled across a medicine bear, “protected by magic”. The bear, after promising he would do the man no harmed, led him back to his home. It was a cold winter,…

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