John Grisham's Bleachers

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Bleachers was written by John Grisham. This novel was published in 2003. John Grisham

was born on the eighth of February in 1955 in the town of Jonesboro, Arkansas. Grisham really

wanted to be a professional baseball player but later in life he realized he didn't have the kind of

talent to make it with that career so it decided to attend Mississippi State University where he

would major in accounting and later on would graduate from law school to become a lawyer. He

was not done after this though. He decided he also would like to try his luck at being an author.

He wrote many books and his career as an author wrote more than he had expected it too. Now

after knowing a little bit about the author and his background lets talk
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the All-American Neely Crenshaw attended Messina High School they were a football

powerhouse. They won state titles constantly. But now the glory days of Crenshaw's career are

long gone. He received news that the legendary Coach Rake was on his death bed and he and

some other past players should see him before he passes. The boys all meet in the bleachers high

above the field where they once played and just made small talk and tried to relive the old days.

They had a very difficult relationship with Coach Rake. They wanted to love him but it wasn't a

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Neely is given the chance to read the eulogy for his former coach at his

funeral. I realize many emotions and thoughts are running through Neely's mind but I feel like

their is one that sticks out is closure. We see that one reason Neely even went back to Messina

was to right the wrongs he had made with his past coach before he passed away. Closure plays a

large role in the novel because he, as I mentioned before, fix things with his coach but he also

catches up with these former teammates who he may never see or talk to again. Also, maybe the

return to Messina in itself was a form of closure. It could have brought an end to all his thoughts

about how he had failed and maybe could make him start to look at the positives and remember Hirschfield 6 all the good times he had with his teammates, Coach Rake, and the town of

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