Nfl Concussions

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Over many years of great athletes in the NFL,there have been many of questions of how severe or how the physical game play impact the player’s bodies the shiny lights and misty fog on game days what are you truly left with headaches on top of confusion bouts of rage and depression are somethings a few of the NFL retired players when the lights are off and the skies are clear retirees are left with many unanswered question that they don’t have A journal released by John J. Medina PhD. published fall of 2012 his concern is with the studies being conducted.

The size of the sample:
The more people you have to examine, the better chances of finding correlation Dr.Medina "Why do numbers mean everything when you have evidence showing that there
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Over 5,000 former players sued the NFL (Belson 1), alleging that it had hidden the dangers of concussions from them. The NFL disputed evidence that its players had a high rate of severe brain damage for years. Professional sports participants sustain brain injuries at a much far higher rate than general population. The NFL and representatives of retired players came up with a financial calculation about 2 years ago to establish a pool of $675 million dollars to cover injuries and diseases that are linked to head trauma that the players sustained during their careers (Belson 1). Unfortunately this amount was rejected by the United States district court judge who was presiding over the NFL settlement between the NFL and the 5,000 former players that who sued the NFL (Belson 1). The agreement was rejected because it was insufficient to cover the costs of the claims (Belson 1). For many years the NFL has denied the fact that there was a connection with football and long term neuro conditions. One specific study that was conducted by scientist at University of North Carolina and also another study at the University Of Michigan showed increases rates of dementia and other cognitive decline in football players and this is shown since the NFL has softened its …show more content…
Are the players seeking finances for health reasons or for financial stability? This is another question that has drawn me to dig deeper into the research.
Something for sure is going on within the player’s day to day lives after football and it’s a cry out for help that has not yet been given full concern. Before taking his own life on February 17th, 2011 David Duerson, a former NFL standout who has won a Super Bowl and been to the Pro Bowl, was said to send a message out to his family saying

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