Dementia pugilistica

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  • Why Fighting Should Be Banned Essay

    sources like former players and neurosurgeons. One of her sources was former player named Ron Duguay, Ron talks about his memory loss from fighting, “People say you should write a book, and I would, but I can’t remember” Duguay was a former fighter in the NHL, but now suffers from CTE as a result of it. Talking to former players Dr. Kale has a second hand experience of what neurological damage has occurred from constant fighting. Another point of view and source Dr. Kale has are various neurosurgeons and brain researchers from Boston University. They sum up why fighting in hockey is unhealthy for the brain. “The brain does not tolerate repeated hits. CTE has been deteceted in boxers and hockey enforcers, under various names such as dementia pugilistica, punch drunk syndrome and boxer’s encephalopathy. CTE is associated with memory disturbances, behavioral and personality changes, Parkinsonism, and speech and gait abnormalities. Hockey has now been unceremoniously added to the list of sporting activities that result in CTE.” (McKee, A. C., Cantu, R. C., Nowinski, C. J., Hedley-Whyte, E. T., Gavett, B. E., Budson, A. E., ... & Stern, R. A. (2009). Chronic traumatic encephalopathy in athletes: progressive tauopathy following repetitive head injury. Journal of neuropathology and experimental neurology, 68(7), 709.) Both Gillis and Dr. Kale both agree fighting should be banned to a certain degree. While Dr. Kale argues fighting should be abolished all together, Gillis argues…

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  • Concussion Movie Analysis

    "Banging heads is not a natural thing I was scared I 'd fail and I ' m still scared of that all we have to do is finish the game if we finish we win," stated pro football player Mike Webster during a conference. Being inducted into the hall of fame for football is legendary. It is something every player wants, and they will go through unbearable circumstances to achieve this goal. “Concussion,” directed by Peter Landesman, hit theaters on December 15, 2015, and is about actual events that…

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  • Nfl Concussions

    to establish a pool of $675 million dollars to cover injuries and diseases that are linked to head trauma that the players sustained during their careers (Belson 1). Unfortunately this amount was rejected by the United States district court judge who was presiding over the NFL settlement between the NFL and the 5,000 former players that who sued the NFL (Belson 1). The agreement was rejected because it was insufficient to cover the costs of the claims (Belson 1). For many years the NFL has…

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  • Side Effects Of Persuasive Essay On Concussions

    football players have helmets, they’re not always guaranteed maximum protection (Jackson 22). In fact, the helmets can, at times, slip off and cause a serious injury. A study discovered that football helmets only prevent ⅕ of the traumatic injuries caused in football versus the other 80% who do not wear a helmet at all. The Adams a2000 gave the best security against blackout and the Schutt Air Advantage the most noticeably awful, of the 10 head helmet brands tried. Generally speaking, the Adams…

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  • Case Study Still Alice

    which causes her to forget about the suicide attempt. John is offered a job at the Mayo Clinic and leaves Alice with her youngest daughter Lydia. At the end of the movie we see that Alice is in a stage that she has a hard time understanding what is going on around her and even with speaking (Glatzer, 2015). Diagnosis I believe that the multiaxial diagnosis using the DSM-4 classification system for Alice’s condition is 294.11. I found this by looking under the delirium, dementia, and amnestic…

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  • Dementia Benefits

    Dementia: Benefits of Brain Stimulating Activities Dayla F. Doll Dementia in itself is not a disease but the loss of mental function in more than two areas. Dementia is the loss of memory and other mental abilities that affect daily life. Dementia is a series of symptoms that accompany a disease. The dementia symptoms can affect  Language  Judgment  Memory  Spatial abilities  Visual Abilities Memory loss and the loss of important functions of the brain, such as knowing how to eat, talk,…

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  • Comparison Of Dementia And Parkinson's Disease

    Dementia is a general term for a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life (Alzheimer 's Association®, 2016). According to a study done at Erasmus University Medical School, the likelihood of dementia increases exponentially with age nearly one third of the population aged 85 and over has dementia (Ott et al., 1995). The most commonly heard of form of dementia is Alzheimer 's disease. And although this makes sense, considering it is the most common form, affecting…

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  • Health Benefits Of Music Therapy

    Music Therapy My paper will show how music therapy has helped society in America. Music therapy is used to help cancer patients, people who have fallen into depression, and people dealing with stress. There are many types of music that is used in music therapy and I will explain all that later on. What is music therapy? Music therapy is an evidence-based use of music interventions to help people with illnesses. Music therapy promotes wellness, manage stress, enhance memory, and alleviate…

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  • How Art Therapy Affects A Patient With Dementia

    Paint for Your Thoughts: Art Therapy & Dementia Taylor Thompson Florida Gulf Coast University Abstract This research paper consists of talking about how art therapy affects a patient with dementia. Causes of dementia and different types are first discussed, also how dementia comes about. Brief descriptions of the different types of dementia are discussed and why dementia occurs as well. It will mention how patients feel when they are participating in these activities as…

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  • Dementia Syndrome Essay

    Every case of dementia presents with a different range of symptoms. Some symptoms may be more prevalent in one patient and not another. The most common symptoms for those diagnosed with dementia is memory loss. A common misunderstanding with memory loss is that dementia starts with the most recent memories and erases them, working its way back through the patient’s life (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 2010). Dementia actually just wipes memory in a sporadic fashion. A patient…

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