Democratic socialism

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Democratic Socialism

    The Importance of Democratic Socialism In today’s society, the word “socialism” is seen as a threat to America’s political ideology. The mere thought of replacing democracy leaves many citizens uneasy, whether it be caused by the fear of failure, or an ongoing plague of greed. Unfortunately, being as this country relies on biased opinion, socialism gains poor connotation and misleading information is spread across the country. Socialism includes many positive reforms, such as universal health care, the raise of our nation 's minimum wage, and keeping the people of America equal. It is about giving every American the same opportunity, while still giving all citizens a chance to succeed. Based on information that is given through news…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of What Is Democratic Socialism, American-Style?

    “What is democratic socialism, American-style?” an article written by Peter Dreier and published on CNN. This article target audience is anyone who wants to understand what democratic socialism is and how have American practiced it. He goes on to say that the united states biggest equal rights movements such as: woman suffrage, child labor laws, consumer protection laws and the progression income tax law were lead by socialists. Dreier uses a combination of rhetorical questions, One Sentence…

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  • What Is The Role Of Politics In European Politics

    they structure the popular vote, formulate the public policy, organize the flow of power and compete in elections, allowing citizens to choose their leaders. Also, European politicians depend a lot on their political parties for their electoral success to parliament, and this success differs from a country to another in accordance with the local electoral system. Some systems allow the representation of many parties in parliament while others don’t. Out of many political ideologies, this term…

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  • Analysis Of The 2016 Presidential Race By Bernie Sanders

    fire, especially because of this year’s candidates on each side. The Republicans have double the candidates than the Democrats do. Bernie Sanders has become one of the prominent democratic candidates in the running, only second to Hillary Clinton. He leads the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire. His goal is mostly to attract voters, which means he just wants people to go and vote. He is already getting younger voters who support him, they are spreading his ideas. Many Americans are beginning to…

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  • Through The Eyes Of Socrates: A Tragic Hero

    understand and even accused Socrates of infractions he did not execute. Socrates was misunderstood by many, and while he had good intentions, he questioned one too many people and was unfortunately sentenced to death. His enemies did not understand what he was trying to accomplish and used their power to silence him forever. Sander is equally misunderstood. His political opponents and millions of uninformed Americans do not understand that he is a democratic socialist, not a socialist. There is…

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  • Bernie Sanders Comparison Essay

    As the 2016 presidential election wears on in the United States of America, members of the Democratic party have become split between the two running candidates. On one side lies pragmaticism heralded by candidate Hillary Clinton. Clinton is very much the establishment candidate in the race, favoring compromise with the opposing party to create slow, non-risky change. On the other hand, however, is Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist who believes that the democratic party…

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  • Why Capitalist Brainwash Is Wrong

    whole. The controversial ideology of socialism has been a topic of discussion for decades. America has been so passionately anti-socialism that they were in an arms race with Russia for decades because of it. The threat of no free market is such a terrifying notion that America and Russia threatened to blow up the whole world because of it. Americans value capitalism as if it is a social more, but in reality, it goes against the most sacred values of society. The brainwashing that America has…

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  • Puschak: Distinct Differences Of Marxism

    B) Summary: In the video, Puschak makes distinct differences of Marxism-Leninism Socialism used by the Soviet-Union, and Democratic Socialism used by the Nordic states. Puschak makes the point that in America’s capitalist society, high-quality education is expensive, and goes on to say; “Those who can afford it are generally given better opportunity. Thosehand who cannot are force to compete at a material disadvantage. This leads to class inequality, not on the basis of talent and ability, but…

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  • Socialism: The Greediest Ideology

    Socialism: The Greediest Ideology One of the most fundamental questions to ask when determining an operable economic system is how much should the federal government get involved in the daily lives of its citizens. To some, the finest, most unsurpassed economic system is a free market capitalist based system; one that contains very little government involvement in personal economic choice. To others, a social market based system with varying amounts of government involvement is a much more…

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  • The Ideology Of Socialism Analysis

    For this essay, I will be answering question three. Socialism is defined as the political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. In layman’s terms, socialism is an ideology that focuses on the community and a society in which everyone contributes into making and sustaining a home for all. This is talked about widely through the political spectrum with people…

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