Socialism Essay: Why The Capitalist Brainwash Is Wrong

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Why the Capitalist Brainwash Is Wrong
A common more in society is to help your fellow man. Like most mores, it is not developed to help the individual, but to help society as a whole. The controversial ideology of socialism has been a topic of discussion for decades. America has been so passionately anti-socialism that they were in an arms race with Russia for decades because of it. The threat of no free market is such a terrifying notion that America and Russia threatened to blow up the whole world because of it. Americans value capitalism as if it is a social more, but in reality, it goes against the most sacred values of society. The brainwashing that America has been providing the people is misinformed. This causes Americans to reject socialism,
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Now, some might say with socialism the government controls everything, but it is intended to help the working man. Socialists believe that society is more than a collection of individuals, but one cohesive organism (Shenk 1). The ones who are working should be the ones to be making social and economic decisions because it affects them the most (Shenk 1). The hard workers of America would support this considering that they are doing all the work and would get to make the decisions that affect them. The average worker is laboring under intense pressure from their boss, and living from paycheck to paycheck. On the other hand, the executives are getting a disproportionate amount of the income, while the workers are doing all the labor. This is criminally unfair and socialism would provide the justice that the workers deserve. Although some might argue that since everyone will share the wealth, the quality of work will suffer. However, people not only get passion from their jobs, but are conscientious and self-directed citizens, and so people will work on the basis of the satisfaction they get from their jobs (Shenk 1). Every job would be fulfilled and citizens would feel more fulfilled doing them. Consequently, the quality of life for all Americans would …show more content…
Democratic socialism is a great tool for the United States because it allows the government to guide the economy (Scalinger 2). For years, the prospect of a democratic society in America seemed hopeless. Yet presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, has popularized the ideology of democratic socialism (Scalinger 2). Democratic socialism could be used to regulate taxes and encourage companies to act for their workers’ benefits, instead of focusing on executive profit (Harrington 2). Other problems that would be alleviated with democratic socialism is the low minimum wage, securing a national health plan, and demanding passage of right-to-strike legislation (Harrington 4). For lower and middle class families, these economic issues cause financial hardships and strife. Democratic socialism efficiently eradicates these adversities. The benefits of democratic socialism even extend for benefits that are not economic; government could use regulations to outlaw destructive activities such as exporting jobs to low-wage countries and polluting our environment (Harrington 2). This economic freedom would be impossible with a laissez-faire government that capitalism flourishes (Scalinger 2). Preconceived misconceptions about democratic socialism, have clouded the apparent benefits of this

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