Democratic Socialism In America

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A fundamental feature of a true democracy is total equality. The United States of America has failed to obtain this recognition because of its emphasis on an ideology that places value on greed, wastefulness, and selfishness. Capitalism has taken hold of America’s economy, society, and culture creating a country that is plagued in disparity. Yet the American people refuse to accept the inherent solution to its problem, democratic socialism. The ideals of democratic socialism are designed to create a more equal society, in pursuit of establishing a true democracy, by having a democratically elected government take part in redistributing wealth, providing public services, and organizing a state’s trade. Although many Americans regard capitalism …show more content…
To begin with, democratic socialism's fundamental goal is the allow everyone in a country to have equal access and opportunities to achieve their goals, which are all of equal importance in a democratic socialist society. Democratic socialism’s goals are fulfilled by way of a democratically elected government, which involves itself in the state’s economy; trade; and society, with social or public services. A democratic socialist government involves itself in these aspects of a state in order to ensure all its citizens have a livable income, housing, and an opportunity to find happiness. In fact, according to world’s prime example of a thriving democratic socialist country, Canada, “democratic socialism is the only way of life that allows all [individuals] to accomplish their goals” (Liberal Party of Canada). This is claim is entirely true and logical as democratic socialism is the only political ideology that literally grants all of its citizens a chance to find success. It does so by providing housing, to ensure everyone has a place to base their efforts; by providing income, to ensure everyone can afford to fund their effort; and by providing public services, such as health care and education, so all individuals have the same access to services that will assist or progress their journey. Democratic socialism, seemingly, intends to advance the goals of …show more content…
In fact, more than half of Americans have a negative outlook on socialism. The fear is a result of Americans’ indoctrination into capitalism. In a capitalist state, the government is minute compared to the authority and power it has in a democratic socialist country. In America, the idea of a large, centralized, controlling government is frightening for many who have been raised under a society where government has had little to no influence since America’s creation. The visual also gives insight to the widespread hysteria and paranoia found in the United States in regards to democratic socialism, as there is visible fear and terror in the American’s face on each occasion a socialist idea is proposed for America. This fear of socialism it not completely unfounded, as there are many reasons for Americans to believe it is dangerous and corrupt. To begin with, capitalism does in fact provide a generally luxurious and prosperous life for those who are lucky to be the few who it supports. The world’s richest countries are all capitalist, as it enables those on the top to accumulate inconceivable amounts of wealth. In most capitalist states, this wealth results in facades of success. In the United States, skyscrapers and large vehicles adorn its cities, causing the world and most Americans to believe capitalist practices provide a lavish and prosperous lifestyle. In addition, capitalism also incorporates unique values

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