Karl Marx And Friedrich Engels And The Communist Manifesto

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Communal living has been a fixture of society since the days of hunter-gathering. It wasn’t until social classes began to emerge and forms of capitol were created that societies moved away from communism. The modern theory of communism comes from Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’, The Communist Manifesto. Published in 1848, this dissemination of communist ideals, which called for the elimination of class struggle and an end to the exploitation of the working class, would become one of the most influential writings on politics, social class, and economic structure in history.
Marx brought to light the “march of history” a theory which states that a social class would be exploited to their breaking point, resulting in revolution. The overthrown
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He observed that if an uprising by the proletariat did not upset the social structure an industrial revolution eventually would, when this modernization of production occurred the industrial middle class would become industrial millionaires. Marx recognized these industrial millionaires as modern bourgeois. Based on his observations in Europe Marx predicted that this continuous process would soon have a different outcome as the capitalist ruling class became increasingly oppressive. He anticipated a revolution, the result of which would be a communist state forming during his lifetime. What Marx did not foresee was a major and change for European economics which slowed this process. With the development of the welfare state Europe avoided a successful communist revolution for another half decade, until the success of the October Revolution which occurred in Moscow in 1917, thirty-four years after the death of Marx.
After the success of the Communist Party in Soviet Russia the Communist Party USA was founded in 1919. This organization would have a voice far louder than its membership, becoming influential to the progressive movement and infamous among the conservative right. Although highly unsuccessful in its primary objective, what the CPUSA really achieved was

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