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  • Demonstration Speech: String Art: Demonstration Speech

    Outline – Demonstration Speech Title: String Art Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech my audience will be able to create their own string art. Introduction: With a show of hands, how many people here has ever done string art? Okay well you are in luck because I am going to teach you how to create your own string art. String art is the art of using string to create different designs against a wooden, Styrofoam, or cork backing. It only takes 4 steps to complete this arts and crafts activity and it is very fun and cheap to do. This project is not just for girls; guys can do it too. [Transition] So let’s get down to the basics. I. In every project whether its writing a speech, drawing, or cooking the first step is always gather your…

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  • Managing Change And The Benefits Of An Organizational Learning Perspectives

    Change is a part of life everyone must deal with. Change not only applies to individuals, but also to organizations. An organization typically approaches change from one of two perspectives. One of those perspectives is the organizational learning perspective. A company operating from an organizational learning perspective learns from problems and adapts to respond to outside issues (Akin, Dunford, &Palmer, 2006). In her article, Managing Change Successfully, Eileen Brownell shares her insights…

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  • Importance Of Taking A Father Essay

    Taking a Risk To take a risk is to do something that may be considered hard or outside the normal for an individual. To have a child is a tremendous risk to undertake. There is risk to one’s lifestyle, financial well-being, and overall outlook on life. There can be countless rewards to all this risk as a child grows up in a father’s life. The risk involved can also make a man a better person as it may lead one to seek higher education and a more stable work environment as he will have more than…

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  • Character Analysis Of Mama In A Raisin In The Sun

    Character Analysis of Mama in the “A Raisin in the Sun” The play, “A Raisin in the Sun” describes a few months in the life of an African-American family, the Youngers, living in Chicago in the 1950s. When the play begins, the family is about to receive insurance compensation amounting to $10,000. This compensation is as a result of the deceased Mr. Younger’s life cover policy. According to the play, each of the grown up members of the Youngers has an idea on how to spend the family fortune.…

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  • Media Limitations

    expressions or opinions verbally and in media messages. College campuses and workplaces are responsible to keep a stable and safe environment, with that comes policies and regulations. College campuses will create their regulations and policies that define the limitations of voicing one’s opinions both verbally and with media (e.g. internet or email). College campuses must make sure the safety of the students is established when clubs or organizations display peaceful demonstrations or club…

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  • Racketeering Movement Essay

    "chargeable under State law" in § 1961(1)(A) signify "chargeable under State law at the time the offense was submitted." There is no ground for questioning the opportuneness of the arraignment. For this situation three of the five demonstrations of renumeration which the legislature demonstrated occurred inside the pertinent state statute of restrictions. Three demonstrations of renumeration make an example of racketeering action. The pertinent dates demonstrate that the example proceeded until…

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  • The Perilous Protest

    It read “J, we need to change our plans for tomorrow.” We had planned the following day, we were going to a new café in town, then we were going to bake Christmas cookies, and watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Instead, on Saturday, November 26th, we had the pleasure to take part in a peaceful demonstration on the Hampshire College campus, surrounded by veterans in a sea of red, white, and blue. The President of the College believes that removing the flag will allow for open dialogue among all…

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  • The Spanish Mexican War: Livin Living In Mexico

    involved in the demonstration and revolution to bring changes to the totalitarian government. The revolution gave life too many different organizations, the party of the poor, the federal national student association, and the Gorilla rebel groups. Harsh social conditions change ordinary people like Lucio Cabanas, an ex-school teacher who was tired of being abused and oppressed by the police. Lucio carried out coordinated ambushes against the army and security forces. The gorilla rebels would do…

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  • Discharge Teaching Case Study

    parent visualize signs of pain with the child and rate their child’s pain using the appropriate scale. After the child is assessed, the nurse will administer the prescribed analgesic while explaining the therapeutic effect, dosing time, and adverse side effects of the medication. Finally the nurse will demonstrate how to evaluate the child’s pain after the appropriate time post-administration and explain the necessary steps needed if the child’s pain is unsuccessfully managed. This final…

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  • Example Of Effective Coaching

    Coach Liu also provides good corrective instructions where he would pull the athlete aside and correct their mistakes either by a demonstration or by conducting proper instructions to apprehend the skill. Coach Liu is quite aggressive and enthusiastic on court. He constantly uses the command style of coaching with positive reinforcement and encouragement. Each practice he sets a specific goal for the players to carry through such as working on their foul shots, their defensing strategies, or…

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