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  • Clicktivism And Social Activism

    not always be positive or commonly accepted. For example, because of the rise of the internet, a new form of social activism raises and is called “clicktivism”. Compare to conventional activism, clicktivism uses social media and the internet as a method to promote a cause and requires fewer efforts in participation. These changes brought by the internet and social media on social activism might…

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  • Political Party Activism

    party would be party activists. What is a party activist? In a Political Behavior article, Edward Carmine and James Woods write, “political activists are a heterogenous group and include delegates to the nominating conventions, those citizens heavily involved in campaign activities, major financial contributors to political parties,” (364). Activism is action taken for a cause that goes beyond what is considered standard or routine. A political party activist is an individual who spends time…

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  • Teen Activism

    Nothing on Earth is ever perfect. It's just a fact. But when push comes to shove some people have the will to stand up for what they believe in, and that's exactly what teen activism is. You see, if takes having a bold soul to become a teen activist. Because when no one else has the slightest bit of strength or courage, its teens who step up to make things right. And some very powerful teen activists in our generation are Malala, Ella Van Cleave, and Emily-Anne. Malala One very powerful teen…

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  • Queer Activism And Politics

    Throughout the history of activism within the LGBT+ community, there has been a common goal to promote openness and acceptance. By employing a strategy modeled after the civil rights movement, which mainly focused on assimilation into the dominant institutions as a means of acceptance, activist groups have received their fair share of criticism. In 1997, Cathy J Cohen, a Black lesbian author and social activist, published the groundbreaking article “Punks, Bulldaggers, and Welfare Queens: The…

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  • Social Media Activism: A Theoretical Analysis

    Halupka, Max. 2014. Clicktivism: A systematic heuristic.Policy & Internet 6 (2): 115-32. Halupka first starts by discussing why clicktivism has come to be viewed as a useless act in political terms. The article argues that online activism is more than just signing online petitions and liking things. Each action is significant in the fight for some sort of political change. Critics of it view it as a way for people to fulfil their moral obligations without actually doing anything but click a…

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  • Importance Of Judicial Restraint Vs Judicial Activism

    By any means the Federal courts shouldn 't be able to interpret the U.S. Constitution, they should see it as a living document in which the meaning changes with the times. The courts shouldn 't interpreted the constitution in its original meaning. As the times change and things are viewed differently as they once were, people 's views on things change with the time. Why should we allow the courts to constitution when everyone sees it differently. The issue of judicial restraint vs.…

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  • Summary Of Small Change By Malcolm Gladwell

    to the category of activism. During social activism, there are two types of people who contribute to social change. There are the motivated people who participate in more risky actions, and there are the less motivated people who use 160 characters or make a few clicks to contribute. For Gladwell, what is critical towards the success of social change is embodied human connection between individuals. This is the foundation for creating the “strong…

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  • Positive Change In Society

    A word often associated with protesting is activism. Activists are people who are looking for positive change in society (“What Is An Activist”). Activism is a broad term; there are people that seek change in society but don’t call themselves activists, yet they are activists. Activists can change society in a very small to very big way, but the keywords for activism is “positive change”. Activists claim they seek positive change, but who defines positive? Many protests are controversial. Take…

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  • Sons Of Liberty

    Sons of Liberty: Fathers of American Activism The United States has a long history of political activism by and for the people, a legacy that continues today. The day after President Donald Trump was inaugurated, more people took to the streets in protest than ever before. That fiercely American action dates back to the Sons of Liberty, a political group that organized for the rights of colonial citizens in the 18th century, against oppressive taxation from Britain (135-136). Many…

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  • A Textual Analysis Of John Lennon's Protest Song

    The 1960’s was a decade of political and social activism. This generation was swept off its feet by many different song writers who were not afraid to sing in protest of our government. A simple song, can have the power to change the minds and heart of a country, and how they affect or reflect our thoughts about the government and our experiences as American citizens. There were songs created that spoke out against anti-war and political protests. If there is any type of social injustice in this…

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