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  • Embrace: A Documentary Analysis

    Furthermore, I remember in the documentary, “Embrace” the director did mention that in India women who “plumper” were desirable because that was an immediate indication that you were wealthy enough to feast; thus, a desirable partner, has now changed as well to thinner being more desirable, at least to women. The documentary, “Embrace” showed young girls in pageants and shows such as ‘Top Model’. One critique I do have for the documentary, and even the research is that when we talk about body image issues or body size, one very important factor tends to be missing; which is men. It is understandable that historically body issues tended to be a “women’s issue”. However, could this not be because many women are the ones coming forward with the issue? That there is somewhat of a stigma for men to come forward with this issue? Yet, I hear from so many men in my life that body size is just as important and an issue in their lives as I hear it is for…

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  • Death On The Rock Documentary Analysis

    rock”, edited by Robert Bolton, discussing the shootings of three IRA members in Gibraltar. The documentary goes into detail about the events leading up to the shooting, asking questions about the legality of the actions taken by the British government and the SAS. The documentary uncovers their own pieces of evidence and tries to put together a more thorough picture of the events, compared to the one given by the state. To get a more thorough understanding of this episode and its place in the…

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  • Borat Documentary

    The simplistic definitions of what documentary and mockumentary are has caused audiences to become cynical to what truth there is in factual films. The film ‘Borat: Cultural learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan’ directed by Larry Charles also known simply as Borat combines both fact and fiction while using mockumentary styling. Documentary is described as a creative treatment of actuality. Mockumentary is known as a fictional narrative that takes the form of a…

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  • Documentary Vs Nazi Propaganda

    How different is a nature documentary and Nazi propaganda, really? My suggestion is they 're not very different at all. Of course, our expectations of documentaries and propaganda vary: we expect documentaries to be truthful, reliable. Propaganda of groups such as the Nazis, meanwhile, is considered manipulative—a great evil in the world. However, both utilise techniques of persuasion to the point of altering reality—when the style of the documentary becomes as important as its content; when, as…

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  • Documentary Analysis: King Corn

    King Corn is an eye-opening documentary that highlights the huge role that corn plays in American society. The film was produced in 2007 by college friends Aaron Woolf, Ian Cheney, and Curtis Ellis, who together moved from their familiar urban city to an Iowa farm. The film follows Cheney and Ellis as they rent a one-acre plot of farmland and plant their own crop of field corn. The documentary serves to demonstrate the American food industry’s reliance on corn and how corn has come to be in…

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  • Dancing Outlaw: Ethical Issues In Documentary Film

    There are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration when making a documentary film. One common issue that arises with documentary filmmaking is ethical issues. When people go to see documentaries, they are usually looking to be informed on some kind of topic, but some filmmakers might not use the most ethical approach to achieve that goal. Documentaries can “stand for or represent the views of individuals, groups, and institutions” (Nichols, 45). This can lead to issues later,…

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  • Sympathy In Steven Avery's Making A Murderer

    When Steven is on his second trial, he has multiple conversations with his family that deal with their mutual uncertainty and disdain for the case. During the call, the audience is shown images of the snow covered junkyard and Avery’s mother, Doris, alone at home. This shifts the focus of the viewer to Avery’s family and shows the struggle that they have sustaining for the entire process. As Doris sits alone at a small table gazing forward with her hand on her lips, her uncertainty and fear is…

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  • Murder And Cowardice Film Analysis

    Sunday Night produced a sympathetic documentary about 10 innocent oil rig workers who are caught in amongst a massive storm along with the choice of the Captain on the Mermaid Vigilance a passing ship to leave the men to their death. This documentary represents the situation as it says by the title Murderous, Cowardice and heartless. As soon as the documentary starts, it opens with a re-enactment of the men clinging to the life raft to try and stay afloat. As the documentary continues there is a…

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  • Farmingville And The Overnighters: Movie Analysis

    force that often causes people to migrate to a different place, where they seek for new opportunities like as jobs. Moreover, there is a documentary called Farmingville and a documentary called The Overnighters that portrays the central idea of having hope and the cause of people migrating to other places to pursue the key to success.…

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  • Armadillo Narrative

    Armadillo, (Mentz, 2010) is a Danish documentary that follows a platoon of soldiers as they complete a tour of duty in Afghanistan. The filmmaker follows the men and observes each personally as the war progresses. This is done through the use of camera work, graphics, editing and sound. Mentz (2010) structures the story of the documentary chronologically. This is shown by onscreen text. He begins by filming the solders preparing, their final goodbye to loved ones, time at the camp, challenges…

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