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  • Armadillo Narrative

    Armadillo, (Mentz, 2010) is a Danish documentary that follows a platoon of soldiers as they complete a tour of duty in Afghanistan. The filmmaker follows the men and observes each personally as the war progresses. This is done through the use of camera work, graphics, editing and sound. Mentz (2010) structures the story of the documentary chronologically. This is shown by onscreen text. He begins by filming the solders preparing, their final goodbye to loved ones, time at the camp, challenges…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Blackfish

    In the documentary, they interview multiple handfuls of former SeaWorld trainers and more. The goal of this is to get different stories about their experiences about SeaWorld when they first started working and how they felt about the injuries and death performed…

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  • Interactive Narrative Analysis

    This interactive narrative is an interactive documentary short that follows Marta Aviles, a longtime resident of Brooklyn’s Los Sures neighborhood in South Williamsburg, NY. Living there for nearly forty years, she now faces challenges with the rapid gentrification of her neighborhood. This piece documents her journey in deciding whether to stay or to leave her home. The narrative was broken down into the following structure: Introduction, The Street, The Stairs, The Apartment, The Listing, Part…

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  • Women And Misrepresentation Of Women In The Media

    The title of the documentary is very significant because it makes a powerful argument about women in the media. The argument that this documentary makes is that women are not properly represented in the media and that they are both misrepresented and underrepresented and this is proven in numerous ways throughout the documentary. The way women, specifically women reporters, are addressed in the media is a very big problem. When they are shown in the media, people tend to attack women for things…

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  • Overwatch Cinematic Analysis

    to advertise the game Overwatch. The trailer started with a narration of a documentary film that is a flashback that serves two purposes, set the setting or create the framework of the overwatch world, which used to have conflicts and wars, and give an overview or background information of what Overwatch is, “an elite international task force of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, oddities, and guardians.” The documentary film also act as a transition from the overview to the current timeframe…

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  • La Villa Dei Mostri Summary

    When thinking of Antonioni I would never say his short documentaries are the first thing to come to mind. His visual flare and focus on the setting as well as the subjects are all prevalent in every title I have seen, 7 Reeds for a Dress perhaps the most reminiscent of his future works.What seems to be the element that links all the documentaries together has less to do with visual style and more with Antonioni’s background and infatuation with his home country. These films seem to be about the…

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  • Documentary Fed Up Documentary

    Fed Up 2014 is the American documentary film which is produced by Katie Couric, Laurie David and directed by Stephanie Soechtig. Fed Up uncover the examination of America’s obesity Epidemic and reveals a secret of the American Food industry. Stephanie Soechtig is a documentary film director, producer and writer. He is the director and producer of Under the Gun (2016) and the producer of The Last Animals (2017). Obesity is the fastest-growing cause of disease and death in America. It affects an…

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  • Documentary Concrete

    The documentary ‘Concrete’ focuses on two parkour practitioners and the stories they have to tell as well as their opinions of the misconceptions the public have about people who do parkour. These interviews are supported by Public interviews/vox pops, Archive footage, breath taking parkour footage including point of view footage and public shots filmed general crowds of people completely their daily tasks and errands. The purpose of this documentary comes across and informing people of why…

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  • The Cove Documentary

    This is true within the documentary, ‘The Cove’, directed by Louie Psihoyos, which initiated a discussion and debate towards the issue of whaling. ‘The Cove’ follows an activist, Ric O’ Barry, who joins forces with Psihoyos and the ‘Ocean Preservation Society’ to expose the brutal cetacean hunting methods and commercial whaling within Taiji, Japan. The crew exposed the horrific treatment and inhumane killing methods of animals by the Japanese fishermen in Taiji. The documentary showed Japan’s…

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  • The Cinema Of Attractions: Film Analysis

    The invention of photography has direct correlations to the notions of documentary. Historically, a photograph represented the means to preserve a snapshot of the world as accurately as possible. This suggests something in opposition to art, the photographer is not portraying his or her vision of the world, in so far as expressionist painters of the time would be. Instead, they are merely capturing and collating information, as a historian would. Slowly it can be seen that these notions began to…

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