The Downward Spiral

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  • Special Circumstance Essay

    Gambia is. From the confidence that I have built I am able to represent who I am, and where I am from. I have a great understanding now about the person I am. Which will send me down a great path in the future. This obstacles that I faced I learned many things. I learned to believe in myself, to have faith in my abilities, and where I am from because without a humble but reasonable confidence in my own powers and characteristics I cannot be successful or happy. From the words of Charles Stanley I know that “Fear stifles our thinking and actions. It creates indecisiveness that results in stagnation. I have known talented people who procrastinate indefinitely rather than risk failure. Lost opportunities cause erosion of confidence, and the downward spiral begins.” This experience has shaped me for college. I have gained the confidence and the intellectual mindset of a Leader and to take Initiative. I have the willingness to take risk which helped me gain special talents and abilities that are critical for a successful college student. I know now more than ever that I have a social responsibility to my community which I will always serve, love, and respect to my ultimate ability.…

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  • Example Of Downward Spiral Conversation

    What is a downward spiral conversation? To explain this concept, it is necessary to give a little of my background. This had affected my life because it explains who I am and why am I a musician. My mom was a clarinet teacher who studied at the Tchaikovsky conservatory. She went back to Costa Rica to teach and she became very well known as a teacher. I grew up with music as an everyday routine, and eventually I chose to play the clarinet. I ended up enrolling in the same school where she was…

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  • Personal Narrative-Lack Of Integrity

    strong and steady to stay on course in the storm of negative thinking. Just as I pull my body back to proper position to make a technical correction, I can pull my mind back the same way by using an anchor. An anchor is a series of thoughts or actions that will pull someone 's mind back to focus and doubtfulness. A person 's anchor will be strong "comebacks" to negative thoughts. Helping your mind return to focus, fearlessness, and doubtless. Examples of strong anchors I will include in my…

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  • Turning Points In Life Research Paper

    Often time’s things happen in life that we do not expect. Many turning points in life happen and we have to, somehow, learn to deal with this new “problem.” Sometimes, the issue is so life changing, we tend to lose our minds and become lost on this path of greatness. When life has its difficulties, we often frown upon the things that have blessed us in the past. We forget about all the things that have leaded us to that point of our life, that when that moment comes, we become selfish. Some…

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  • Disadvantages Of Online Learning

    Online Learning or (eLearning) has been a staple of higher education for a while now. Since the rise of the Internet, Universities have all been able, in various ways, to utilize the newfound technology to help make learning more accessible to students as well as management for faculty (Picciano, 2016). Since many courses and programs (degrees) are offered via Course Management Systems (CMS) or Learning Management Systems (LMS) as opposed to the traditional classroom approach, even registration…

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  • Personal Narrative: Observation In Latin America

    A roar of anger blows up the classroom, that is now on the other side of the bookcase. I wonder around the room questioning which path to take. I pace over to the introduction of each path. As I look down the long hallway, I notice a cry for help coming behind one of the doors. I want to go and see what is going on, but the Mrs.Berntson has demolished ,most of the bookcase. And that was my cue to leave! I break to spiral stair case, skipping each step until I reach the ruling platform. I…

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  • Ethical Challenges Of Online Education

    The method of education today differs greatly from the conventional way of education. In the old days, not everyone was educated and the condition of education was poor. On the other hand, the education system of today is more improved and developed than the past. Now, almost every school has an internet-related education system which considered as new way of education here, and statistically, 74% of people use mobile devices such as a laptop or tablet for eLearning (“15 E-Learning statistics…

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  • Land Art, Spiral Jetty And The Great Serpent Mound

    Similarities between it and his most iconic and probably the best known work of Land Art, Spiral Jetty, are evident. Spiral Jetty (1970) is a work that came only a short time before GSM (1971) and we see Smithson’s use of the same motif, the spiral. The spiral is the whole work. It is anchored to the northeastern shore of the Great Salt Lake in the Utah desert with a meters-long straight tail that winds into the counterclockwise curvatures of the spiral. The spiral was planned for months in…

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  • Summary: The Yellow Wallpaper Symmetry

    effective shape in order to store the most amount of honey while using the less amount of wax. Circles, triangles or any other figures on the other hand, if repeated, would leave too big of a gap in between each cell and therefore, require extra wax. ( Figure C- Honeycomb As brought out earlier, mathematical patterns are present here on earth, but they also appear in outer space too. The Milky Way Galaxy, for example,…

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  • Self-Management For College Students: The ABC Approach

    There are two major terms that accompanies ABC interaction and that is firing order and trigger. The firing order will determine what needs to change in order to manage ourselves and knowing the trigger of our ABC interactions suggests which component to address first if we desire a change. It is important to notice that one ABC interaction can lead others and it can take the pattern of either a downward or an upward spiral. A downward spiral is a series of ABC interaction that lead to a…

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