Special Circumstance Essay

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Special Circumstance Essay
I was born on the smallest country in the mainland of Africa, The Gambia. Gambia was colonized by the British which made english its official language. Mostly everybody who was born past the time of the colonization knew english, but they still spoke their home language which was mainly Mandingo. I was one of those people I knew english and Mandingo. Life changed when I moved to the United States with my younger brother and my mother to be with my father who was living there since the 80s. Coming to America was a new experience, I barely even been out the city where I lived, compared to a whole new continent. One large thing that I noticed between me and all the other Americans that were my age was the way they talked.
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They were kind people who brought up my energy. They helped me overcome the obstacles that I faced in life. Through them I was able to find people who had my similar problems. Also people who faced these problems and now are better from it. They made me not worry about what people thought of me. From them I learned to be more confident in myself. This confidence brought me all the way to Genesys Works. Where I do not get nervous going up and presenting or talking in front of the class. From a long time ago I always knew that I was not afraid of people and they brought that memory back to life. They helped me succeed in the program. Now I feel more sure of myself than ever …show more content…
Helping me to be more confident in talking to other people in my language. I found myself loving where I came from and the stories behind my country and my family. I love finding any connections I can back to Africa. Based of my confidence that my friends have helped instil upon me I can talk about Africa and feel like I am giving a great impression of how truly amazing my country The Gambia is. From the confidence that I have built I am able to represent who I am, and where I am from. I have a great understanding now about the person I am. Which will send me down a great path in the

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