The Elements of Style

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  • Apple Inc Rhetorical Analysis

    analysis assignment, I analyzed “Apple Style Guide” by Apple Inc. This style guide is intended for use by writers, editors, and developers as a reference to writing style, usage and Apple product terminology. Writers and editors should pay close attention to this guide as it can help them become familiar with topics involved in creating high-quality, dependable materials and documents. Apple developers should follow this guide for assistance with any text that they will implement in their software that will be visible to users. In this style guide you will find information on fundamental writing principles, such as: Apple style and usage, technical notation, and units of measure. You will also find instruction…

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  • Style Elements In Lusus Naturae

    In the story Lusus Naturae, it is believed that the most effective style elements utilized by the author are the story’s linear timeline, its somber tone/ mood, and its descriptive imagery in the form of literal/ figurative descriptions. These three style elements used by the author allow the reader to stay invested in the story, leaving them constantly The first effective style element used is the linear timeline in Lusus Naturae. This style element allows the reader to comprehend the changes…

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  • Gothic Literature Research Paper

    Evolution Gothicism is a genre of literature that uses different elements that are seen as dark and evil. But, the genre has evolved since its first introduction as a dark and evil style to the present mysterious style. Many of the elements that gothic stories include use malicious acts, while others can show the unknown or supernatural side of literature. The style is not for all writers, however those able to express their gothic stories clearly went on to become some of the most well-known…

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  • Buffalo 40 Country Music Analysis

    I saw Buffalo 40 perform at the DC9, a night club in northwest DC. Buffalo 40 is a rock band that was created in 2013 that combines many musical elements such as “rock funk blues metal and modern rock”(ReverbNation). These fusional musical elements of their performance highlighted their country music and rock musical identities as well as their attire, lyrics, gender identity socioeconomics and race. During the performance of clothing but one exception was one band member was wearing a top hat…

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  • Art Nouveau Vs Art Deco

    Art deco’s elements are applied in the modern popular architecture and furniture The World War 1 is occurred between the Art Nouveau and the Art Deco. Both of two movements affected by the World War 1. They are two different style. The big difference of them is Art Nouveau is asymmetric while Art Deco is geometric. Both of two movements has affected our architecture and furniture, but for the effectiveness of the modern popular architecture and furniture, the role of Art Deco is bigger than Art…

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  • Elements Of Landscaping

    2. Softscape elements: It represents all the living materials used in landscaping. All the trees, shrubs, flowers are softscape elements. Landscaping is the art of balancing both the hardscape and softscape elements, therefore, one should have a fair knowledge on these elements to create a perfect balance in the landscape. C. Physical Space: Most of the times, designing is directly related to the attributes of physical space. One has to consider the topography, climate, site drainage, soil…

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  • Analysis Of La Belle Dame Sans Merci

    Making sure a reader can fully understand a poem can be a very difficult task for a poet. With the help of narrative techniques such as style, a poet is able to draw in a reader and keep him or her involved throughout the poem. Elements like metaphor are used to create a better understanding through a comparison. In addition to a metaphor, imagery is another element used to help the reader visualize what is going on in the poem as well as assonance being used to emphasizes different parts.…

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  • Ponce De Leon Hall History

    hall is now used mostly for student housing purposes, but the exterior architectural features and domed lobby space showcase impressive design features and elements of styles that we have covered this semester (Branch). It originally served as a hotel and “luxury resort,” before being converted to collegiate use 47 years ago. Today, the hall is considered a “National Historic Landmark” and “masterpiece” of “Spanish Renaissance architecture” in the 19th century, and boasts many similarities…

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  • Beach House Research Paper

    we think they look like. As with many decorating styles this sprang from practicality. Originating from the Atlantic coast, these homes took advantage of the climate with ample windows and sturdy woods to withstand sandy feet and salty air. Coastal life is comfortable, relaxed and unfussy, and interiors in this style reflect that mood. Although laidback, great care is taken to procure a casual chic feel with simple, natural, durable materials. This style exudes a vibrant, organic feel that…

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  • Gothic Architecture Characteristics

    Most people look back in time to see old architecture, and admire the beauty of the older buildings. These buildings are stunning, but what makes them so beautiful? Most Architectural styles follow certain characteristics of their time, and amplify them at a much larger scale. We can see this at almost every single style in history. The gothic style is not the exception. Most buildings from that era follow certain characteristics that make them different from any other style of architecture in…

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