The English Patient

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  • Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient

    Michael Ondaatje’s The English Patient centers around ideas of identity. Each main character has its own identity story told in the book, and they all interconnect to form the storyline of rediscovered identity. One of the main subjects of the book presents itself in the title, and Ondaatje focuses much of his attention on the theme of Almasy, or the English patient, rediscovering his past traumatic experiences and life story. Much of the book focuses on his flashbacks and injuries as he and the other characters determine who he is and how he ended up in the hospital calling himself English. However, a contrasting theme that Ondaatje introduces centers around Kip, the Indian sapper who lives at the hospital with the English patient and the…

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  • Love In John Steinbeck's 'The English Patient'

    The English Patient Assignment 1. The English Patients obsessive love is seen when “A husband gone mad. Killing all of them. Killing himself and his wife-and him by the fact that there was now no way out of the desert. Only she was not dead. He pulled her body free, varying it out of the plane’s crumpled grip, this grip of her husband.”(137) This is clearly obsession as the EP is carrying his lovers dead body. 2. The consuming love between the EP and Katherine is evident when “On Hassanein…

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  • Cultural Competency: Speaking Or Non-Speaking English Patients

    speaking or non-speaking English patients, specifically Spanish speaking. For the patient’s initial consultation and weekly on treatment visits we utilize the hospital provided translation service. Patient’s treatment regimen lasts anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks. Since we do not have any Spanish speaking employees at our center, we do rely on family members to help relay basic instruction in the treatment room if necessary. TIP #5 from the attached link made me laugh. I recall a patient telling…

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  • The English Patient Analysis

    In the novel The English Patient , written by Michael Ondaatje, the author describes the life of a young nurse (Hana) and her sacrifice to take care of a burned English patient (Count Laszlo de Almásy) in an abandoned hospital located in an Italian villa, that was affected by world war II. In the novel the author reveals to the readers, the love and care shown by the nurse to an utter stranger, her development in character and knowledge and the authors ability to captivate the reader throughout…

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  • Character Analysis Of Kip In 'The English Patient'

    In the course of The English Patient, the sapper, Kip, travels through several scenes and transitions as a person who alternatively becomes detached and connected -- mirrored always by the imagery of explosions and wires. Despite his job as a minesweeper, where he has to be detached by necessity, and the fact that he sleeps in a tent away from the other inhabitants of the villa, Kip eventually becomes physically involved with Hana. But later, after the explosion of the bomb at Hiroshima, he…

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  • Emotions In Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient

    The Effects of Emotions in The English Patient Love is a kind of emotions which have powerful effects on people’s values and life. Sometimes people would like to change themselves because of love. At the same time, love is imperceptibly changing them as well. In the novel The English Patient written by Michael Ondaatje, the main character named Almásy has been a cold and rational man. The emotions which created by love between him and a married woman named Katharine influences him. Almásy’s love…

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  • Nursing Communication Research Paper

    elementary to college level, English and communication are key components regardless of career path. Some people believe that it has no importance because they think that it does not relate to certain jobs such as the medical field. However having strong and powerful communication skills within a healthcare team and patient interactions can result in patient satisfaction, patient safety, and successful recovery. Communication in English is important in nursing because it helps with understanding…

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  • Patient Centered Care: Objective Vital Components

    Patient centered care has become the main goal for health systems across the nation. According to Greene, Tuzzio, and Cherkin (2012), the Institute of Medicine (IOM) defines patient centered care as care that is respectful of and responsive to a patient’s individual needs, preferences and values. It is needed in personal, professional, and organizational relationships. According to QSEN (2014), patient centered care consists of knowledge, skills, and attitude. However, patient centered care…

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  • The Importance Of Cultural Diversity In Health Care

    races (Shi & Singh, 2015). Therefore, healthcare professionals must be cultural competence and awareness so that they have the knowledge, abilities, and skills to deliver care that consistent with the patients’ cultural beliefs, norm, and practices.…

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  • Essay On Non English Language In Health Care

    The number of non-English speaking people in the United States is on the rise. “The 2000 U.S. nation census revealed that 1 in 5 residents were non-English speakers, and 25% of them had little or no understanding of the English language,” (Garlock). The healthcare industry provides care to a diverse population, and must be ever changing to accommodate patients. Not just anyone who speaks another language can be a professional interpreter in the health care field. One must have the education…

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