The Importance Of Patient Centered Care

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Patient centered care has become the main goal for health systems across the nation. According to Greene, Tuzzio, and Cherkin (2012), the Institute of Medicine (IOM) defines patient centered care as care that is respectful of and responsive to a patient’s individual needs, preferences and values. It is needed in personal, professional, and organizational relationships. According to QSEN (2014), patient centered care consists of knowledge, skills, and attitude. However, patient centered care also consists of communication, cultural sensitivity, and leadership. Without these key components, patient centered care is unachievable.
As a healthcare professional, one should set a defined objective for providing patient centered care. An objective
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Every patient has his or her own culture, which are all often different from each other. A person’s culture reflects their daily activities, which are carried out in the way that their culture expects of them. Since diversity is present in our society, we should know how to be culturally sensitive to provide patient centered care. As nurses, we are patient advocates therefore we need to have an awareness that many belief systems exist. Through my experience at Katz, the staff tailors the plan of care around the patient and her need for hospitalization. Patients who come to Katz are often admitted for active labor, preterm labor, induction, or demise births. It is important to compose a full assessment on the patient to determine their needs and any cultural, spiritual or religious beliefs that may conflict with the pregnancy. Some cultures prohibit the patient from having male physicians while others prohibit pain management such as an epidural. I have encountered cultures where the father of the child is not allowed in the room during birth or other cultures where the father of the child is unable to touch his wife after delivery. According to Murphy (2011), culture influences health practices and how illness or pregnancy is perceived therefore sensitivity and competence is of the utmost importance when providing patient centered …show more content…
Nurses apply their knowledge, skills, and experience to care for the various and changing needs of patients. A large part of the demands of patient care is centered on the nurses. When care falls short of standards, the responsibility falls on the nurse.
I believe that in order to continue to provide patient centered care, all members of the hospital staff must work together to make this possible. Nurses should make time for the patients as well as be present to answer any questions and concerns. Patients and their families should be informed and should share responsibility of decision-making. I think that patient rounding should be conducted inside the patient’s room with the patient present. This allows patient engagement in regards to their hospital stay. I also believe that technological advances play a major role in advancing patient centered

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