My Nursing Philosophy Of Nursing

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My nursing philosophy combines the science of nursing with knowledge, empathy, as well as respect and dignity of each individual in different situations. I believe my nursing philosophy is focused on delivering quality patient care that is individualized to the needs of each patient. The delivery of care must be compassionate and empathetic for all people.
Therefore, the circumstance that influenced my decision to become a nurse is having the opportunity to be with my mother during the end of her life. She had cancer and was under hospice care at home. That is when I encountered the amazing work nurses do. The nurses visited once a week and on the days when necessary. These nurses was phenomenal with caring for my mother, it takes a lot of
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The fundamentals of nursing define the beliefs and behaviors, thereby applying the knowledge, skills and attitudes minimizes various health problems. The purpose of knowing the basis is to promote and improve health, as well as maintain the quality of life of others. Finkelman and Kenner (2010) describe Florence Nightingale as an influential nursing theorist who initiated holistic care in the nursing practice and pioneered the art of nursing as nursing quality that places the person in the best light for healing. Nightingale’s theory is centered on healing of the whole person with the use of the environment to promote wellness. Nursing care is tailored to the unique individual in a holistic manner, healing the person as a whole, including …show more content…
Nursing is providing competent care to other individuals. Therefore, the combination of philosophy and nursing holistically heals the individual. I believe that being a nurse means that I will recognize, analyze, as well as give advice and assistance with regard to various situations that will benefit the individuals in my care. Therefore, I will care for those who cannot care for themselves. Furthermore, caring is the primary focus and without caring there will be no degree of healing. American Nurses Association (2010) describes caring as continuously showing empathy and compassion for the patient. All aspects of caring delivered will heighten the ability of a nurse to perform effectively in providing optimum care in any situation. Nurses are the essential link in providing best care for the patient and assuring that the health care team adheres to the professional standards of practice. Therefore, providing a safe environment will help safeguard the patient from any harm. Moreover, I will use all the resources allowing opportunities in providing the highest quality and safe care to the patient, family, group, and community. To the best of my knowledge and abilities, I will protect, promote and provide the love and support to all individuals under my

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