Brandy's Personal Nursing Philosophy

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Brandy’s Personal Nursing Philosophy
A personal philosophy of nursing is what guides your practice. As stated in the textbook Role Development in Professional Nursing Practice, knowing your personal philosophy enables the nurse to care for patients with purpose (Masters, 2017). Knowing your personal philosophy also give the nurse the information needed to continually evaluate the care being provided and continue to become a better and more proficient nurse. Why I Chose Nursing
It is said that nursing is a calling. I first heard the call in 2014 when I was an attendance clerk at a local elementary school. One of my duties as the clerk was to monitor the cafeteria during lunch for the, then, third-grade classes. These children were so
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175) How can a person care for another without caring? The answer is simple, it cannot be done. Other core values of nursing include autonomy, commitment, and human dignity (Masters, 2017). Our patients have the right to make their own decisions regarding their heath care. This would include a core value I believe should be on the list, communication. Patients should be informed of everything regarding their health and should know the purpose behind each procedure and medications so that they may make those informed decisions. Patients also deserve nurses who are committed to a lifetime of learning so that we may take advantage of the new technology that will assist in the healing process and the new advances in medicine. Above all else, patients deserve to keep their dignity, which includes respecting the …show more content…
When someone is ill all three of these areas need to be tended to. Obviously the physical is the reason many seek out a healthcare professional, but along with that comes the emotions of being worried, afraid, depressed and lonely. It is difficult to be facing health issues and patients are faced with the worry of being able to afford the bills. Many have to face the fear of never fully recovering. Also, while in the hospital one feels very alone. All of these factors can lead a patient to depression and all of these factors need to be addressed. Many hospitals offer social workers to find assistance if needed for patients and other nurses caring for the patient can offer a listening ear for the lonely and reassurance when the patient is lonely and

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