Virginia Henderson Nursing Theory Essay

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Register to read the introduction… All fourteen points ensure complete and holistic care of the patient. There is an exchange that takes place between those who provide care and those cared for that goes beyond the empirical reality of the moment and incorporates the spiritual. The 'art' of providing care includes an aspect of caring that has metaphysical origins and connotations. It concerns all aspects of the human experience, physical, psychological, spiritual and social. The Gestalt approach to nursing and the inclusion of caring as a primary requisite is the heart of the concept of interactive theory as it applies to nursing and as presented by Ms. Henderson.
Virginia Henderson's definition of nursing focused on the function of nursing as being able to assist the individual, sick or well, in attaining and, or, maintaining health. The nurse was meant to respect the choices of the individual by providing care that the patient would perform if he or she was not ill or had appropriate knowledge. The purpose was to bring a sense of independence and dignity to the sick and infirm and to aid and facilitate a return to independence, all of which are my goal when caring for someone in the ICU. Sanford (2000) states
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After reviewing many nursing theorist before writing this paper, I have concluded that my practice of nursing encompasses all fourteen points of her theory. The patient must be seen as a whole and not as a sum of the parts. If one is to view the patient as parts, part of the clinical picture may be missed. I view my care as assisting the patient in activities that they would normally do for themselves if they were able. I foster my patients to gain their independence as quickly and safely as possible. I continually advocate for the patient and family while they are in the ICU. This also carries through to carrying for a dying patient and their family as well. I strive to ensure that the patient and family wishes are carried out as they have …show more content…
Shelly and Miller (2006) go on to say that “Christ-inspired nursing lies in its emphasis on caring for the whole person as embodied, respecting each person as created in the image of God” (p. 53). With these two concepts in mind, I can foster a deeper understanding of what my patient is suffering and better assist them in their health and integrate them into Henderson’s grand theory.
There are, however, implications that would tend to limit the use of this theory at the bedside. The multidisciplinary approach to care can hinder implementing my practice the most. With sometimes upwards of seven groups of physicians on a patient’s case, the communications between those groups can breakdown or even become a burden difficult to overcome. I strive to be an advocate for the patient but at times my advocacy appears to fall on deaf ears. Knowing what the patient and family want often does not coincide with the physicians charge to

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