Role Of An Advanced Nurse Practitioner Essay

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Developing in to the Role of an Advance Nurse Practitioner
Lizan Tofiq
Union University

Developing in to the Role of an Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Human growth is measured by taking on new responsibilities. As an individual prepares to enter into a new role in life it is important to take time to reflect on this new position. When reflecting, it is crucial to consider certain aspects such as: the significance of the role, the skills required to fulfill all responsibilities and an action plan to achieve new obligations. This paper will discuss how important these aspects are in regard to developing into the role of an Advance Practice Nurse.
Significance of Advance Nurse Practitioners As the global population grows, a positive correlation can be seen for the need for quality affordable health care and a heightened interest in Advance Nurse Practitioners (APNs) worldwide. Million of individuals go without primary health care every day. According to The World Health Organization (as cited in Joel, 2013), there is an estimated deficit of 2.4 million health care workers. Many factors contribute to this shortage, a few f these factors are increased disease prevalence, increased emphasis on preventative care, limited access to care, and increased cost of health care. The lack of healthcare providers has stimulated the need for expanding current roles and developing new roles within the healthcare system.
Current literature supports APNs ability…

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