Nursing Philosophy Statement: Professional Role Development

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Nursing Philosophy Statement
Kiyana McGlothen
National American University
NS3326: Professional Role Development
Nursing Philosophy Statement A nurse is professional, provides quality care, maintains knowledge of nursing practice and carries out his or her duties that coincides with his or her personal nursing philosophical approach. A nurse 's role includes the ability to be a caregiver, teach, advocate, manage, be a professional colleague, and to progress into an expert (Zerwekh and Zerwekh-Garneau, 2015, pg. 141). Nurses are caregivers and being a caregiver is an essential part of nursing. It is vital for a nurse to teach a patient about their therapy, condition, treatment choices, reducing patient anxiety and involving in the patient
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A personal nursing philosophy includes values, beliefs and standards that guide a nurse 's daily interactions (Zerwekh & Zerwekh-Garneau, 2015, pg. 421). It is important for a nurse to have a personal nursing philosophy because it reminds a nurse why he or she is a nurse and influences consistent, professional choices made on a daily basis. A personal nursing philosophy will determine the way a nurse performs his or her role as a nurse. If a nurse decides to remain accountable for any errors on his or her behalf, then that is part of a personal philosophy. A personal nursing philosophy will determine and influence a nurse 's decision to hold himself or herself accountable for any and all actions. Will a nurse decide to began his or her shift on a daily basis with a professional demeanor? For instance, the nurse does not have any body odors, hair, teeth and nails are clean+ and neat, makeup is subtle, uniform is presented without wrinkles (pressed), shoes are clean, attitude is professional, enthusiastic to began shift and willing to perform all duties with a one hundred percent effort. Therefore, a personal nursing philosophy is important for every nurse to have. It allows the nurse to be reminded of what his or her career upholds and what is important regarding the patient 's care and to remain professional to colleagues, …show more content…
A nurse will show professionalism at all times. It 's a choice and essential to show accountability, honesty and effort on a daily basis. Being a nurse means to have compassion, gratitude, patience and open-mindedness. No matter the situation having commitment, respect and faith is necessary when providing care to all patients. However, be able to display assertiveness as an advocate, teacher, and colleague. Respect all aspects of the chosen career as a nurse that regards a patient 's decisions, family and culture, colleagues, scope of practice, employer, and community. Gain and remain knowledgeable in all aspects of nursing practice. Remember to always provide the utmost quality of care for each patient. Anticipate the needs of patients. Always have standards and pride as a nurse. Be reminded of the reasons a nursing profession was chosen. Remember every patient could be a family member, friend, colleague, and self, therefore, treat others the way that family member, friend or colleague would want to be

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