Importance Of Professionalism In Nursing

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there are nearly 3 million nurses in the United States alone. Nurses are on the frontline of all healthcare facilities. We are caregivers, advocates and teachers. It is of upmost importance to display professional behavior to maintain a successful and functional workplace. The predominant qualities associated with professionalism in nursing are: interpersonal skills, appearance, advocacy, and knowledge application based on evidence-based practice.
Nurses are often the first individual a sick or injured person interacts with; therefore, it is important to maintain excellent interpersonal skills. Providing good rapport and establishing a therapeutic relationship are key. A nurse must be able
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To create patient-centered care, one must understand the patient’s perspective. Increasing understanding of patient’s perspective can guide the way to providing appropriate standard of care. Nurses provide information for patients by first assessing patient base knowledge about their diagnosis followed by teaching. Assisting the client fill knowledge gaps helps the patient feel better connected and in charge of their healthcare. For example, if a patient is preparing for cardiac surgery, it is vital for the nurse to evaluate knowledge relating to postoperative care. Information should be providing in small increments to decrease anxiety and displayed in multiple forms, such as written, verbal and video materials. Patients undergoing cardiac surgery often have memory deficits due to decreased cerebral perfusion, according to William and Hopper. Being an advocate for the patient includes encouraging self-care to enhance quality of life and involving family in teaching sessions. Being an advocate for the patient also includes initiating conversations among other healthcare providers about patient concerns. A patient may disclose information to the nursing staff, and it is our job to relay concerns to the physician. This creates trust between healthcare workers and

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