Patient Centered Care

The purpose of this paper is to define the concept of patient-centered care and to explain how nursing education, nursing practice, and nursing research are incorporated into patient-centered care. I will also be addressing the knowledge, skills, and attitude that are required by nurses in order to maintain a satisfying relationship with their patients. “Patient-centered care is the focus on the patient’s needs, patient control, and the interaction between the patient and health care provider” (Dabney & Huey-Ming, 2013, p. 1).
Patient-centered care is defined as a mutual beneficial relationship between patient and health care providers with the shared goal of enhancing the patient’s wellbeing. Patient-centered care is believed to be a well-rounded
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Nursing is about making others feel comfortable, safe, and satisfied. Like I mentioned before, patient centered care is all about the relationship between the patient and the health care provider with the goal of enhancing the wellbeing of the patient (Boykins, 2014). The main priority of nurses is to improve the health of the patient. To achieve this, the nurse must first build a good relationship with the patient, establish trust, and build confidence. In other words, nursing practice is all about centering their care on the patient and improving the patient’s emotional and physical state.
Patient-Centered Care in Nursing Research
Nowadays, many organizations have high patients to nurse ratios. This results in nurse burnout, and lower quality patient-centered care (Dabney & Huey-Ming, 2013). Research on how short staffing, therapeutic relationships, and background education, affect patient-centered care is being done (Dabney & Huey-Ming, 2013). Understanding how the nurse-patient relationship works, and how it is affected by other factors is essential for giving the best possible care. It is important to understand how patients’ views contribute in being able to meet their cultural, emotional, and spiritual (Dabney & Huey-Ming, 2013).
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1). Key aspects of patient centered care are a good relationship between the nurse and the patient so that the best possible care can be provided; the nurse must have the right education, knowledge and skills to be able to provide emotional and physical support to the patient; and the nurse and they patient must have a positive attitude to be able to mutually benefit from the relationship (QSEN). Good communication is one of the major skills needed by the nurse to identify the needs of the patient and improving patient outcomes. The role of nursing faculty is very important in preparing nurses to work with people from different race, ethnicity, and sexual preference. Providing good patient-centered care is the most important quality of a great nurse, a lot of hard work and effort has to be put into making patients feel comfortable, but it is all worth it when they see that they are making a difference in their patients’

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