The Importance Of Empathy In Nursing

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As a nursing student, I feel it is important to familiarize myself with various nursing literature to enhance my knowledge on nursing practice and to shape the type of nurse I want to become. The way I want to structure my future career is centered around the concept of empathy, which is what I will be discussing in this paper. The purpose of this paper is to become aware of my views, attitudes, and how my experiences will affect my nursing practice. I will first examine how an effective therapeutic nurse-client relationship can be developed from the use of empathy and how the patient is positively affected by this skill. Second, I will relate my research to the in-class scenario presentation. Third, I will identify what my most important …show more content…
Empathy can strongly influence the nurse-client relationship. A patient’s encounter with a nurse is generally when they are at their most vulnerable, therefore an empathetic atmosphere can enhance a patient’s comfort and their willingness to communicate. Empathy can be shown in many different ways. It is facilitated the most effectively when these three skills are applied: recognition and classification of the request, attending behaviors, and empathetic responses (Arnold & Boggs). Patient’s requests may not be their only concern, it is the nurse’s job not make an assumption that there isn’t a deeper feeling; they may need more than just information or a simple action. When you communicate understanding the patient will generally open up and express their real concerns. This is why it is important to obtain the knowledge to decide whether or not a specific patient requires empathy. This can be determined by their non-verbal cues and by the use of clarification. Simply, providing your undivided presence and responding in encouraging ways will help you to understand the patient’s experiences …show more content…
For me, writing this paper has provided me with the knowledge I will use in clinical settings and after graduation. I have learned the importance of empathy regarding nurse-client relationships. It is crucial that I do not focus more time on the practical duties of nursing and miss what is most important to the patients at present time – their emotional suffering (Sealy, 2011). The use of empathy initiates many other skillful communicative techniques. With empathy follows trust, likeability, and efficiency. The major role of caring in the nursing profession interlinks all of these aspects. There are tremendous amounts of ways this research will help my future nurse-client relationship and client care. It will specifically help me with confidence in knowing I can provide effective, efficient care. I will enter an interview with a patient knowing I will not stumble on their emotions or requests because I will have the ability to provide objective empathetic, competent, and knowledge-based care. I will also be more approachable and welcoming. It will specifically benefit the patient in ways of being served with knowledge-based care and the security of having a nurse who can understand their feelings. It will increase the patient’s satisfaction with the health care system. I will make it my priority to

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