Hmong Birthing

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S"The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down" by Anne Fadiman.
Compare and contrast traditional Hmong birthing practices with those in the United States.
When comparing and contrasting the United States’ birthing practices to the Hmong ways, one will discover a significant variation between the list of similarities and the list of differences. The term “midwife” has the same meaning in both cultures, which is one who examines, assists, and evaluates pregnant women. They are known to have expertise in the areas of pregnancy and birth, and they assist pregnant mothers when problems arise. Typically, Hmong women are told to eat well, work hard, and obey their elders and husbands (Culhane-pera, et al, 2013). For the most part, this statement is similar
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Empathy is extremely vital when trying to communicate with patients about their needs and concerns pertaining to their health in a healthcare setting. If healthcare providers do not communicate in a manner that patients can relate to then it can cause barriers and individuals may be less likely to receive the correct care. Health care provider may face more obstacles in treating individuals because their heart is not with their patient. Empathy extends beyond the basic understanding of the patient’s history and symptoms to include values, ideas, and feelings (“Creating Allies fir a Healthy World”, 2013). Communication can help in decreasing patient’s failure in taking medications, boosts satisfaction rates among those making appointments, and less accusations of the doctors not performing the correct patient-centered care (Martin & Williams, et al). The clients will be more likely to open up about their health concerns if they believe that their healthcare provider acknowledges their concerns and expresses an understanding of them. The Greater Good site expresses that it could even prevent physicians from feeling as if they cannot do their job at the best of their ability, which could mean that understanding the patients is beneficial on both sides. Empathy from …show more content…
Lia would have been surrounded by her family, in a setting where she felt comfortable. Being in a setting with peace and love may even positively affect her current state. The Resident may have also stereotyped her and her family, assuming that they would not take care of her in the most ethical manner. This shows, again, how there is such a large barrier between the Hmong culture and the Western culture. It illustrates the hospital’s belief in the family to do the right thing for their own child. When the truth of the matter was that they wanted to rush home so that their other children could see Lia alive if she was about to die in the coming hours. The doctors had already failed to realize that they had not helped Lia’s father understand the sheet of paper that involved her discharge from the hospital and prognosis, which caused him to panic and try to run away with her; accidentally pulling her out her nasogastric tube. There is always a lack of communication between the physicians and the Lee family. We think that the Lees were justified in wanting to take her home to see her family, and that it should be more on their terms than the hospital

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