Essay on The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down By Anne Fadiman

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S"The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down" by Anne Fadiman.
Compare and contrast traditional Hmong birthing practices with those in the United States.
When comparing and contrasting the United States’ birthing practices to the Hmong ways, one will discover a significant variation between the list of similarities and the list of differences. The term “midwife” has the same meaning in both cultures, which is one who examines, assists, and evaluates pregnant women. They are known to have expertise in the areas of pregnancy and birth, and they assist pregnant mothers when problems arise. Typically, Hmong women are told to eat well, work hard, and obey their elders and husbands (Culhane-pera, et al, 2013). For the most part, this statement is similar for both the Hmong and the United States; however, in the United States, pregnant mothers typically do not work too hard, due to the increased risk of a miscarriage. Pregnant women in the United States are less likely to continue working after reaching a certain stage in the pregnancy. Hmong women, on the other hand, work throughout their pregnancy until they experience the first pangs of labor. The Hmong also have different superstitions when it comes to what can cause problems during pregnancy. They believe that, in order to prevent cleft palates/lips, they are not allowed to cut thread or cloth in their bedrooms. Additionally, thinking negatively about disabled beings will cause fetal deformities. Lastly, they are prohibited from…

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