Essay on Caring in Nursing

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Caring in Nursing

Compassion and Caring Every individual has his/her own unique perception of caring. There are so many ways to show caring that the possibilities are endless. Nurses are often associated with caring because they support, comfort, and help the patient recover to the best of their ability. Their experiences dealing with different patients that have unique situations on a daily basis help them become better caregivers. Personally I have had several experiences with some great nurses that have shaped my definition of what caring should portray. My maternal grandmother has had many health issues in the past years and has been in and out hospitals due to heart problems, infections, and surgeries. It is extremely difficult
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I know that it will not be easy, but I am confident in preparing myself and gaining the knowledge necessary to give hope even to those who refuse to get well. I want to make a difference in someone’s life, and comfort those in times of loss. I intend to be a nurse who will never give up on her patients no matter how terminal their illness, I will always be there encouraging them to enjoy every second they have. I will treat my patients with respect, dignity, kindness, compassion, caring, understanding, and do the best to give them a positive outlook. Happiness, joy, and enthusiasm are very contagious, and a simple smile, touch, or even one word can turn around a patient’s day. I will do my best to understand their history, illness, and treatment to keep them informed and updated on their health status. I will always put my patient first and encourage them to communicate fears, stories, needs, hopes, and comforts to have a better understanding of the most efficient way to help them recover. As I gain more knowledge on how to efficiently care for patients, I will progress daily on becoming a better nurse. Caring is an ongoing process that never ends, so nursing is a challenge will conquer every day with a smile on my face. There are no words that can express how excited I am to become the best nurse I can be. In my opinion, caring is the key to nursing, and without it nursing would be nonexistent. Knowing from

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