Jean Watson's Caring Theories For Nurses In Health Care Setting

It is important that health care organizations implement Jean Watson’s caring theory for several reasons. The theory focuses on how caring improves health and wellbeing not only for the patient, but also for the nurse, so that they will be satisfied with themselves as health care providers. Organizations who use this theory report greater employee satisfaction and better co-worker relationships (Jean Watson’s Caring Theory, n.d.).
Caring theory can best be applied in the oncology setting. Oncology nursing is a unique field of expert nurses where patients are usually at their most vulnerable, physically and psychologically. Not only does an oncology nurse need to know how to take care of the patient’s body, but they also need to know how
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Caritas, which means to cherish or appreciate and give special attention, is a way for nurses to care for their patients and interact with their colleagues. The ten Caritas can be applied in multiple health care settings, such as, education, bedside care, research, and administration (Caruso, Cisar, & Pipe, 2008).
Ten Caritas The first Caritas is, “Practice loving well-being of your patients, practice positivity (Caruso et al., 2008). Kindness, respect, and love will affect the health and well-being of your patients, practice positivity (Caruso et al., 2008). Nurses are able to incorporate this into the care they provide by connecting with themselves, others, and their environment.
The second Caritas is, “Being authentically present, and enabling and sustain the deep belief system and subjective life world of self and one being cared for” (Caruso et al., 2008). In other words, be present, the patient is the only person that matters and focus needs to be on them. Attention needs to be paid to methods in which faith and hope can be promoted for the patient to allow healing to take place (Caruso et al.,
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2). This Caritas overlaps with others in assisting the patient to meet physical and emotional human needs. The scientific knowledge of nursing is required to assure fluid balance, adequate nutrition, activity and rest. The artful implementation of nursing uses the human senses to interact with the patient (a pleasing environment, quiet or calming music, aromatic, relaxing smells, tasteful foods or drinks, and human touch).
The tenth Caritas is, “Opening and attending to mysterious dimensions of one’s life-death; soul care for self and the one-being-cared for; “allowing and being open to miracles” (Watson Caring Science Institute, 2010, p. 2). The fundamental focus of the tenth Caritas is being open to the unknown or mysterious potential for a miracle. Nurses are able to perpetuate this by showing respect for others spiritual needs and understanding that some things are

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